Texas is My Home State

Jay Flight SLX 7 RV

Texas is my home State
and I’ve lived here for forty three years
how successful was the move is the great debate
or has it brought me agony and tears
for fifteen years life was fine
with a young wife and madly in love
together we spent time so divine
just like a couple of turtledove’s
until she upped and said to me
I’m tired of living with you this way
and I’m leaving and will set you free
your life is your own to have your say
and so started the final stage
of life alone without a wife
and it has been almost thirty years
living alone without any strife
I’ve had lots of dogs and a couple of cats
who are my company in this life
with football mates and friends of all kinds
the bachelor’s life had no strife
I would not be lying if I were to say
that I tried to find another mate
but things just did not work that way
and single I stayed to appreciate
that living alone with lots of pets
had advantages too good to miss
I saved lots of money and had few regrets
and grew used to living a singles bliss
and now I’m starting to grow old
with muscles not strong as they used to be
and a brain that is slow and has to be told
and reminded of things more constantly
missing thoughts of life that are controlled
and yet we are getting ready to start
what has to be the final act
as we travel the roads each day to depart
wandering along and getting sidetracked
with no place in mind by the end of the day
a place to park and to get unpacked
stay the night then move on away
travelling merrily along and nothing to lack
live a nomads life for every day
each one a little more abstract
living out my life in a fun way
that final parking place not yet fact

Written 8/30/2020