Changing Scenes

Frost on the pansies – Unknown Artist

Today it is cloudy and full of gloom
the sun not shining and very soon
it looks like it will come on to rain
without the sun it is not the same
the temperature has also fallen
and the weather is cooler which is often
the case this time of year
as it is winter or at least very near
although in truth it may get cold
but winters here never grow old
for tomorrow it may well be
a temperature of seventy three
or something other not as high
but nice and warm with a blue sky
no need for a jacket just to stay warm
as Texas weather is true to form
a few days with the thermometer low
not anywhere near as low as can go
and then it warms up and before very long
things are growing with Nature’s song
and Spring is here in all of its glory
as Nature bursts forth as she starts her story
just as she does every year
and winter is gone and Spring is here.

Just about sums it up

Written 12/16/2020