The Next Chapter – One.

Well, I finally did it. I moved the RV to a park not too far away in Dripping Springs by the name of Henly RV Park where I have an up to 6 month reservation. More if I want it. I completed the desk remodelling project and decided it was time to make the move. This gives me time to go about the business of closing the house and putting it up for sale before I start to travel. I plan on spending time between both locations depending on what is going on at any given time mostly to get away from the tedious process of boxing up belongings and trying to decide what to do with thirty five years of “stuff”. I have already started on this process albeit with the most visible items located in the old office space and a couple of closets. Some stuff I will try to sell like books, records and tapes while others like clothes and such will be boxes up and donated to a worthy cause of which I have yet to decide which one(s). The major items like furniture, pictures and any items of value will be auctioned off. This does not take into account the contents of the two sheds both which are filled with hand and mechanized tools such as garden mowers. edgers, ladders and even a small rototiller. I have a lot of hand tools some of which I brought from England when I came over back in 1967. I even have an old hayfork that belonged to my Step Father’s Brother and must be at least a hundred years old. I still use it to load out the garden trimmings. The tools have served me well over the years when I was an active construction worker and then for all of my home projects building stuff which included the yellow shed which was at first, an aviary and then later a greenhouse before being converted to storage. The same is true of the large workshop which houses all of my hand tools of which there are many. I have always worked with my hands and taken much pride in my work. In that time, I went from power operated to battery operated for the convenience and also that the type of work had changed and the battery operated stuff worked just fine.

One of the differences for me is that I don’t ever plan on another “sticks and bricks” house when I can no longer drive or for whatever other reason. I will either park the RV in some nice park or sell it and move into an old folks home, the very thought of which makes me want to throw up. This means that I will never need any of my “stuff” anymore other than what I take with me in my RV. There are always ongoing projects just to maintain the vehicle some of which do require tools. There are also a lot of that type of work that I do not have the knowledge, expertise or ability to take on but hopefully, they will be few and far between. Then it will be a case of an RV repair shop or maybe a travelling RV Mechanic.

Incidentally, I am working on another website that will eventually replace the current one. This one was originally started for articles about ponds and pond life around twelve years ago, hence the title and has served well in that time. As I can’t just change the title of the blog site as it is the domain name, I must start a new one. Ponds and pond life have been a big part of my life for the past thirty years but in retrospect, I enjoyed the actual construction and the challenges that it brought rather than the finished product. So now Ponds and all things related will be another past chapter just as living on a five acre small ranch where I bred parakeets and finches, raised goats and even had a couple of sheep and four horses, to spending my entire life playing, coaching and managing football (soccer to you Americans). Included in that time was a couple of years stint with a Construction Contractor who offered me a job sight unseen which brought me down from New York State to later on, spending twenty two years as a Manager working at the University of Texas at Austin. All of these things are my past life as I venture forth on what will probably and realistically be the last chapter. Age has a way of taking away not only the youthfulness of the body and clarity of mind but also the enthusiasm that goes along with each new project until it gets delegated to the depths of history and all that is left is but a memory of things gone by.

The name of the new blog is Check it out as it will run in conjunction with the current site for a few more weeks before I close permanently. It will still be available for those of you that wish to peruse the articles or to read the poems. As the title suggests, it will comprise of things related to all things RV’ing with anything else of interest that I can write about including visits to strange places, staying at campgrounds, exploring this great country, hiking, photography, poetry and any other adventure that comes my way. Stay tuned.

Written 01/19/2021