A Change in Lifestyle

Inside with the Slide Out not yet extended.

My last blog discussed the changes that I am making to my life with the purchase of a Travel Trailer. Actually that’s a me and the bank purchase. Notwithstanding the fact that I now have a monthly mortgage payment where previously there was none, the intention is to be more mobile in the remaining years of my life.

There is still the question of the ponds and the big fish that they contain. Currently, my neighbor from across the street has kindly volunteered to feed them while I am away and I am forever in her debt. I plan on practice runs as we work the kinks out of both the trailer and of myself as I am brand new at this RV camping thing.

Floor Plan. I do not plan on the ATV or the canoes and bike. It will be strictly for storage.

When I came home this last time, there was a problem with the water quality of the goldfish pond and several of them had died, luckily after I returned so my neighbor did not have to face netting them and throwing them over the fence for the animals to eat. I worked on the goldfish pond today by draining half of the water out of the pond and then refilling it and treating it with anti chlorine protection as it re-filled. Hopefully, that will take care of the immediate problem, however, what to do long term is still to be decided.

I have to say that the Texas heat is bothering me more this year than ever before. Maybe some of it is psychological knowing that cooler places are well within reach, such as the mountains of Colorado and that we have at least 2 more months of this summer. So far, it has only hit 100 degrees a couple of times so we are grateful for small mercies. Of course, there is not much noticeable difference between 98 and 100 except psychologically. It’s all in the mind, as they say.

I leave again Tuesday for another camping trip, to La Grange, Texas which is only 60 odd miles away but this time in a different direction. The plan is to make a series of short trips to get used to the ins and out of RV’ing and then I will make the decision regarding the future from there.

See you in La Grange.

Written 8/2/2020