The Future of Mankind…

Our Wonderful Planet

I had a time a while ago
when storytelling for me was slow
with no hikes and pictures to take
tales of the walks my mind had forsake
and I had to find other things
to write about and see what it brings
to my mind for others to see
as I write about our destiny
destiny is not really the word
to use when I try to confer
the feeling that are clear in my mind
showing others of the humankind
that life is good whatever the cost
as long as we make of it the most
that we can offer to others in kind
the sort of happiness that we want to find
the world is really a wonderful place
even in spite of the human race
whose only thought is what’s best for them
and the world is really this priceless gem
one of a kind from our point of view
and yet we mistreat it and I mean me and you
as though we own a piece of the place
along with the rest of the human race
when in fact we are not here to stay
only residing here on the way
to extinction as all humans will find
our lifespan is short as we are not kind
and treat the planet in a terrible way
and one of these days she will have her say
with storms and tornadoes and weather most foul
and pandemics and sickness to make us howl
with anger and pain as we slowly subside
back to the oceans from first we did slide
aeons ago when it first began
and that will be the end of man.

Good Riddance….