Is It a Sorry Old Place?

Just a blob in a very busy Universe

I look at the world and it’s a sorry old place
and it’s all because of the human race
that’s lived on it for a few thousand years
claiming it as their own causing all kinds of fears
to those animals and life that were here before
as mankind is slowly closing their door
in the never ending quest of greed
helping themselves as they proceed
to rape the land of all of its good
in the belief that only they should
man cares not for the damage he draws
claiming that it is for a higher cause
as man is the superior race
and all else is is nothing which flies in the face
of reason as everything has a right to life
even though they are subject to strife
especially the planet that shelters us in place
as we spin through the the Universe at a furious pace
just how long will it be this way
before others unknown may have their say
there is still time for us to change
allowing Nature to rearrange
things back to the way before
Man came along and opened the door
to extinction and poisoning the air that we breathe
killing the animals and making us grieve
for those that are lost never to return
replacing the forests that have all burned
giving back the land to its former state
so that those of us who appreciate
that Nature is really all we have left
and Man will be gone his kind bereft
of humanity and love for all things wild
as he and his kind the world defiled
Nature will not mourn his loss
and will learn that Man is not the boss
but instead something else the dominant kind
as yet unborn and not yet defined
for Nature is a wonderful thing
as we too are part of her glorious scene.

Written 12/13/2020