Musings about life

The Beauty of Life

What is life you might well ask
as it assumes it’s normal task
of keeping each one of us alive
although we know not the reason why
what is that spark that makes us live
and just as quickly can see us die
with a body adapted well as we grow
and returns to the earth when our last breath shows

What is it that the Maker creates
that spark of life to set us free
with only a few short years to our name
instead of living for eternity
and while alive we are at risk
of anyone of a number of things
sickness being the most common of all
many of the sort that our lives will fall.

We each have a limited amount of time
as the body grows old and gives up that spark
hoping to die a natural death
right up to our final breath
while we are alive and in our prime
there is an awful lot of living to do
as we progress our lives through the years
with laughter and happiness sorrow and tears.

Most of us as we go through life
are only concerned to lessen the strife
that impacts our lives and the ones that are dear
not giving a thought to those others out there
who each have their lives doing exactly the same
trying to live to the best of the game
and keep their families safe and sound
as time marches on and consequences abound.

In the end we will all die
no matter how hard we try
keeping fit and eating the right things
not taking risks as if we had wings
keeping our feet firmly on the ground
facing life whose troubles abound
and finally coming to the end
to return to the earth which is now our friend.

I am not afraid to die
yet I want to know the reason why
I did not last a few more years
going through life which I hold dear
leaving friends and pets behind
saying goodbye for that one last time
to return to the earth from where life began
gone forever from this land.

Written 2/12/2020

Two Families

We had another game today, a game we won, I’m happy to say,
The boys all played so very well, they gave their Parents quite a thrill,
The score itself was four to two, goals scored by different players who,
all worked so hard and played as a team, in order to keep up the dream,
Of one day a really good player to be, while trying to please their family,
Families of which there are two, one at home of the regular kind, who
with a Mom and Dad and maybe you’ll find, a brother and sister, a siblings or two,
while the other are the boys who make up the team,
who play together with the improbable dream, of one day seeing their name in lights,
and climbing the most impossible heights,
but for now satisfied they will be, to record a win for both families,
The one at home comfortable and warm, and the one at the soccer field, noisy and loud,
a bunch of young boys, team mates and proud, to be, a member of this soccer family.