Back to the Service Center


I had my car serviced just last Friday which I wrote about in “New Cars”. I noticed over the weekend that it was extremely noisy with the tires sounding much louder than normal and strange noises coming when I backed up or drove slow.

I knew that it was not like that when I took it in and it worried me enough that I decided to bring it back in this morning, today being Monday. I waited until the rush hour traffic had calmed down, at least as much as it does on Mopac and drove up to Covert Ford on Highway 183.

I was able to locate the Service Rep who had helped me last Friday and told him my problems. He wrote it all down and directed me to the Lounge. Me and the Lounge are getting to be old buddies, twice in 4 days.

While I was waiting, I like to put my time to good use and wrote one poem called “Thoughts” which will be posted in September and started to write this blog about my time spent here. Depending on what they found wrong would dictate the tone of this blog.

I had to wait a couple of hours and then my  Service Rep stopped by to tell me that they had located the problem and had it fixed. Apparently, when they had the car on Friday and had checked the wear on the brakes, the mechanic had forgotten to torque up the nuts which accounted for the drumming and squeaky brakes. There was no charge and of course they were very apologetic. I’m not saying that this is good but stuff happens and maybe the mechanic was having a bad hair day or had something on his mind. I thanked the Service Rep and went on my way.

As I have written many times, I like to listen to Audiobooks as I drive and I bring them in using my IPhone and Bluetooth to the car. It’s a great system and normally, pretty foolproof. Not today though, I stopped at Starbucks for a Latte and tried to get the stupid phone/radio/Bluetooth working and it would not connect no matter what I tried. Not being very far away from the Ford Dealer, I did a smart about face and hightailed it back up there and grabbed my Sales Rep and explained the latest problem.

As is usually the case just like every-time you go to a Doctor, the symptoms had mysteriously vanished. My Rep, sat in the car, took my phone, turned on the Bluetooth and it worked perfectly. I felt like an idiot and the Rep said he hadn’t done anything so neither of us knew why it started working again. I thanked him again very profusely and made the drive home taking my life in my hands with the increasing traffic and the notable idiots that make up 50 percent of the drivers in Austin.

Oh the joys of modern transportation…