My Ford Truck

Once again I find myself back at Covert Ford getting my truck serviced. This time for the 36000 mile service which is of course a big landmark in the lifetime of a Ford vehicle as this signifies the end of the factory warranty. So, unless the owner has purchased additional insurance that covers major repairs, then all repair costs become “out of pocket” to the owner.

Beautiful to look at…

It is hard to believe that I have put that many miles on the truck already. The truck is a 2017 model which I bought in 2018 brand new. Many of those miles are through just driving around listening to Audiobooks which is one of the things that I like to do. The truck is a very nice vehicle and really great to drive and very comfortable. The original intent way back then, was to buy a travel trailer and go camping but with four large Koi ponds that require almost daily supervision, it turned out to not be a very feasible idea. I could trade it in, I suppose, but have no idea what I would buy in its place as I like having the additional safety and protection of the larger vehicle especially with all of the idiot drivers who have very little concern for others on the road. I live in Austin in the great State of Texas and I swear there are some of the worst drivers in the world that live and drive here.

It is always an event to come here to Covert Ford. Firstly, it requires that I get up at some unearthly hour that I haven’t known existed since I retired. Then it takes a thirty to forty five minute drive, depending on the traffic, to get here as it is located way up North from my house. Of course, at that early hour, everyone else is driving like a madman or madwoman to get to their place of employment usually making for a very hazardous trip. The Service Center is always busy and by the time I get here around 7:00 o’clock, there is a long line of vehicles in front of me. Handing over my keys I then go to the very nice waiting room that Covert has provided and take the opportunity to grab a cup of free coffee and sit down with my computer and write a piece generally about this place when I am here.

The guy that checked me in told me it would be between three to four hours as there were a lot of people in front of me. I thought I was early at 7:00 am but apparently not early enough to beat the rush. I prepared myself for a long wait but in fact, they completed the work quicker than expected and I drove out of there at 10:00 am.

As a footnote, the fancy computer that regulates just about everything like Maps, Music and in my case Audiobooks is on the fritz, again. This is the second time this has happened and the only fix is to replace the unit in its entirety. They have to send away for the part so I set up an arrangement that when the part comes in, I will go back and do this all over again. Gotta get it fixed as I can’t listen to Audiobooks without rigging up a bluetooth speaker that I have as a temporary measure.

Here’s to the next trip…

Written 1/24/2020