The Sun is Shining

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At last, the sun is shining
and everything is bathed in it’s glow
the air is warm and the birds are in full voice
as we rejoice with Nature.

With so many dull and gloomy days
wondering if we would ever see the sun again
we are not disappointed as it hangs
a golden orb in the sky.

The flowers upturn their lovely faces to follow the sun
and the dogs lay on the deck absorbing the rays
while I sit in my chair and bask in the warmth
careful not to have too much sun on my skin.

For with the sun come the hidden dangers
of simple things like sunburn although painful by itself
worse yet are problems of the cancerous type
that can end in suffering and death.

Regardless of the dangers I still love the sun
for it makes me feel alive and urges me to do something
whether that be a hike on the trails or a walk in the woods
or to spend time in the garden or just sit in the shade.

I love the sun…..

Today’s Ramblings – Colonoscopy

Doctor's Office

Doctor’s Office

I went to see the Doctor today
I was not sick it’s true to say
but five years on from my time before
when I last walked through that door.

I had this very informative call
from someone whose job it was to say
It’s been five years since last you were here
come in and we can schedule you for a day
when it’s necessary for you to see
the Doctor about your colonoscopy.
The very mention of that word
sends shivers up and down my spine
It brings to mind what I need to do
to prepare my body how it needs to be
ready for a colonoscopy.

Taking pills to clean the tract
where the probe will be pointed at
drinking water by the pint
more so than I drink on any night
as water and I only get along
when it’s hot outside or in the gym
when a sweat I have managed to break
and then drinking water I can take.

Back to the preparation task
after taking the pills you had better not ask
what follows no more than a minute or too
and  then it’s a rush to the loo
as quick acting as the pills can be
it quickly  becomes an emergency.

The next day until the procedure is done
clear liquids are all the body can take
and then my friend will pick me up
and back to the hospital we will go
where he will sit for a couple of hours
waiting for me who has to endure
the poking and prodding although it must be said
that out like a light I usually go
and have no memories either good or bad
of the procedure that I have just had.

Then when we leave at least I will know
how good is my health down below
am I cancer clear, what did they find
those questions I ask in my mind
the answers will know and breathe a sigh of relief
and food to find and a Starbucks Latte
to fill the void the pills did make
in my stomach where else for goodness sake.

The one good thing out of all of this
my very last time it will be
as in five more years I will be too old
to worry about a polyps or two
and unless I live to ripe old age
the end will come before they can grow.

The Uncertainties of Life…

Rest in Peace whoever you may be…

Yesterday, I went to see my Doctor for a follow-up
on a PSA test I had a week ago that is part of an ongoing
routine to make sure my body is clean of the cancer that invaded it
three years ago.

Prostate cancer at the time was diagnosed  by the tests
that I had been having for several years and my doctor said
it’s time for your treatment to begin, you have your choice
which will it be.

We went down the list and discussed every one
none of them seemed like fun so Radiation was the one of choice
as it required very little from me other than lie on the table
and watch this giant expensive machine shoot radiation where it needed to be
wondering if it would do the trick or would further treatments be
a necessity.

That was three years ago and follow-up tests have since shown
no sign of cancer of any kind.
The Doctor said  “You are looking Good. I’ll see you back here not in six months time
but this time a year we can go, because your test do not show any signs of the disease
it has not re-occurred and if it does slow it will be”.

I thanked him for everything he had done, gathered up my things
and walked out of the door, feeling happy with life to hear the good news
and walked to my car in a great mood.

A woman ran by me in obvious distress and I watched her as she ran in the door
of the closest place which happened to be, an office where Doctors and Nurses
would be and in fact were already present doing
the job they normally do helping people get well from their pain.

How were they to know that this day a little different would be
as they were called to act in this emergency.

Out rushed Doctors and Nurses too, one with a crash cart to start a heart
that had stopped beating as in the Parking Lot lay
a man who had just gotten out of his van and stricken he lay on the ground
and was quickly surrounded by the medical staff who were doing their best
to start his heart beating in his chest.

I did not stay to watch the scene as onlookers only get in the way
I do not know if the man survived to continue his life for another day
or whether his life ended this way and he is with his maker.

This is the second time I have witnessed this scene for six months ago
at the last follow-up, as I was leaving the office a crowd I did see
gathered around a man who had also collapsed  and on the ground did lay
stricken by a heart that gave out that day.

Again, I did not stay and maybe it’s because in my own way
what I was watching appeared to me as a sign of my own mortality
and just how easy it is that we on this earth are here for such a limited time
and each breath we take is borrowed from life, time that is pre-measured
with a finite end that we can do nothing to change.

I thought of these men as I drove away
and the fact that two such occurrences I had seen
I thought of their families they have left behind
and the shock to them as they did find
out that their Husband or Father or Son would not return
to them this day as the Lord had taken them  away.

Dedicated to all Doctors, Physicians and Medical Staff everywhere.