The Sun is Shining

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At last, the sun is shining
and everything is bathed in it’s glow
the air is warm and the birds are in full voice
as we rejoice with Nature.

With so many dull and gloomy days
wondering if we would ever see the sun again
we are not disappointed as it hangs
a golden orb in the sky.

The flowers upturn their lovely faces to follow the sun
and the dogs lay on the deck absorbing the rays
while I sit in my chair and bask in the warmth
careful not to have too much sun on my skin.

For with the sun come the hidden dangers
of simple things like sunburn although painful by itself
worse yet are problems of the cancerous type
that can end in suffering and death.

Regardless of the dangers I still love the sun
for it makes me feel alive and urges me to do something
whether that be a hike on the trails or a walk in the woods
or to spend time in the garden or just sit in the shade.

I love the sun…..

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