Hot Weather

Summer Sun by Unknown Artist.

With the weather warming up so much
and everything is hot to the touch
and to walk outside to an immediate blast
of hot air which we know will last
until September or for half of that month
getting hotter and hotter as the thermometer jumps
until the temperature will stay
at close to a hundred degrees each day
and overnight is not much better
for in the eighties is the night weather
and when the day has first begun
is the only time to have outside fun
unless your work keeps you outdoors
then of course you have to ignore
how hot it is as the temperature drifts
time to cool at the end of the shift
I used to work out in the sun
and could not wait for the day to be done
relentless heat for eight hours a day
trying to keep the sun at bay
with sunblock and sunscreen placed on the skin
and a hat and dark glasses before you begin
lots of water to drink to try to hydrate
and keep an eye on your buddy for safety’s sake
if you work outside then you have no choice
not counting the thoughts that you may voice
if fate has dealt you a working man’s hand
with millions of others throughout this land
of the one thing you can be sure
Texas heat in the Summer is tough to endure.

Written 7/2/2019

The Sun is Shining

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At last, the sun is shining
and everything is bathed in it’s glow
the air is warm and the birds are in full voice
as we rejoice with Nature.

With so many dull and gloomy days
wondering if we would ever see the sun again
we are not disappointed as it hangs
a golden orb in the sky.

The flowers upturn their lovely faces to follow the sun
and the dogs lay on the deck absorbing the rays
while I sit in my chair and bask in the warmth
careful not to have too much sun on my skin.

For with the sun come the hidden dangers
of simple things like sunburn although painful by itself
worse yet are problems of the cancerous type
that can end in suffering and death.

Regardless of the dangers I still love the sun
for it makes me feel alive and urges me to do something
whether that be a hike on the trails or a walk in the woods
or to spend time in the garden or just sit in the shade.

I love the sun…..

The Sun and the Rain

Sun and clouds

Sun and clouds

I got to see the sun today
it shone for a while as though to say
fear not, I have not deserted you
just hiding away from your view
as in the natural scheme of things
in this part of the country where I live
the sun shines nearly everyday
while occasional clouds get in the way
which has happened for the last few days
as cold and miserable with a little rain
has dampened our spirits enough to say
you can’t have sunshine every day
this is just to let you know
we need the rain for things to grow
as the sun for all of its warmth
dries things out leaving to chance
whether enough rain is falling to help Nature’s dance.

Winter in Texas

Gloomy Day

A Gloomy Day

Well, winter has finally arrived to us here in Texas. Not the type of roaring blizzard with 50 mph winds and inches of snow. No, we don’t have that sort of winter at least around central Texas where I live. Our winters are different.

It usually starts with the leaves falling off the trees and the temperature slowly dropping out of the summer 100’s to the fall 70’s. Then before you realize it, all of the trees with the exception of the evergreen oaks are totally bare and suddenly, the temperature has dropped into the 40’s and 50’s. These changes are subtle and have a way of sneaking up on one.

All of these changes are totally bearable with the only difference to my normal attire of shorts and tee-shirt being the addition of a jacket or warm sweater. If it gets really cold, I will have to resort to long pants.

So, I wake up one morning and the weather is dull and gloomy. Where did the sun go we are asking as the sun to Texans is like a goddess, always there and ready to keep us warm. The temperature has now dropped to the mid 40’s and dipping. The weather is cloudy and overcast. It is raining a fine misty rain and there are winter weather warnings on the television. At night, we are getting a light frost when the thermometer drops as low as 25 degrees, cold for us.

All of the succulent vegetation will die off to be replaced by new in the spring. The outside pipes have all been wrapped and everything but the essential water supply to the house is turned off. Its like being in a foreign land of which we know very little. The ponds will not freeze as the moving water prevents it. The fish have all done their fish thing and hibernated to the bottom of the pond with very little movement except for the occasional swish of a tail. Everything is grey and still with the only movement the birds on the feeders, fighting and squabbling for the seed that I have put there for them.

I find this weather very depressing. I dislike dull and grey and yearn to see the sun again and as much as I complain about how hot it will get, I will take it every time over this dull and disconsolate weather.

It will be like this off and on for the next month and then before we know it, things are turning green and Mother Nature has re-asserted herself by presenting us with new growth and sun, lots of sun. I will have less than two weeks to chop down all of the dead vegetation before the new are poking their heads above ground. Things happen fast in Texas.

I can’t wait…

Oh! What a Beautiful Day

English: Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.

Austin, Texas

Oh! what a beautiful day, I stand outside in the sun and say “Where else would I want to be today”?
The truth of the matter is that I can think of no better place to be than in Austin in Texas in January.
The temperature is so sublime, the sun is warm, the weather is fine, this evening the temperature colder will feel and it might go down to 30 degrees but even with this little freeze will not dampen the spirits raised during the day when the sun feels so warm to make us say “Oh what a beautiful day”.