My Slow Brain…


As my brain slowly goes bad
it makes me feel so very sad
that things I can no longer recall
even though they are very small
things like names and dates and times
involving dollars and nickels and dimes
are gone and even though I try
my very thoughts seem to deny
that the subject in hand I ever knew
as recalling my thoughts are very few.

I try to compensate for my brain
by writing things down to keep me sane
so I can use it to recall
whenever my brain is feeling small
or retracing my steps from whence I came
in order to jog my stupid brain
for when I get to where I am going
my brain has forgotten the reason for showing
appointments like doctors and dentists and such
are carefully logged as my fingers touch
the keys to my laptop being sure to record
the whose, why’s and when’s in the proper accord.

Actually things are not really that bad
its true I get a little sad
when my brain is slow and seems in decline
but give it some time and the gears start to wind
and slowly but surely the thoughts reappear
which makes me feel full of good cheer
as the brain is not dead but just being slow
the thoughts and words take longer to show
there is still life in this old brain
true its never quite the same
as when I was a younger fellow
now I am much more mellow
and everything I do takes time
walking, talking and thinking these lines.

Brain Dead or just resting?

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I sit here staring at my computer
as I desperately want to write
and have this overwhelming urge
but can think of nothing to say.


Usually, words just roll off my lips
transmitted by my brain to thoughts
and then slowly typed into my computer
where they come out in word form
making sense for others to read.


Today was different as try as I might
no easy subject came to mind
and I found my mind rejecting
thought after thought,
idea after idea.


I wonder what it is that makes
my brain act this way.
how can I be overflowing
with ideas one day
and the next, scratching around
like a chicken
looking for morsels to feed on.


What’s this, look what I have done
out of nothing has come a new subject
even though it is mainly a discussion on –


Man’s Developed Brain



This world is not a perfect place
mainly because of the human race
we have evolved to become
the intelligent  species, the no one
of all the creatures in land and sea
ruling the world with intelligent thought
not matched by others who all got caught
in thinking that man was small and weak
until with his brain he began to think.

Some people believe that God made that call
deciding that on man would befall
the number one fella, king of the hill
top dog to all creatures great and small
He even sent his only Son
to spread the message that God had arrived
but mankind with his new-found powers of brain
was not ready for him and turned him away.

Others with a Darwinian trait
call it the natural order of things
as man has progressed through the annals of time
his brain did develop and grow bigger for him
which gave him the ability to think
and reason things out to get one step ahead
of his natural enemies until they became
no match for his developed brain.

Man‘s problem now is to control his thoughts
instead of always thinking of himself
he needs to learn that others too
can think and reason not always the same
as different people have different brains
so do they think in a different ways

Man has yet to learn the art
of reasoning with others to get along
instead of always using his brain
to benefit him and him alone
he needs to work out that it is not so hard
to agree sometimes or at the very least
learn the art of compromise and share
the wealth here on earth with all mankind.