Writing a note…

Quill pen and bookWhen it comes to computers, I’m pretty smart
and don’t do too bad for such an old fart
when the technology first came out
I embraced it without even a doubt
of disbelief with wonders so fine
of how I could type a printed line
with two fingers only I do fear
as typing was not a skill that was taught
as most people had to work hard to write
with a stubby pencil and then before long
the Biro was invented, an English term
for ball point pens as they were known then.

Before this wonder of the modern age
a pen and ink were always displayed
so prominently on every school desk
and penmanship was really a test
of patience and caring and taking time
to make your writing so very fine
and it was an art all by itself
to write letters in longhand
with words oh so neat
that those who received them
were in for a treat.

Nowadays written letters are rare
from someone close that really does care
and has taken the time to sit down and write
in longhand although it has to be said
that the writing itself just gets by
and is no longer an art as in yesterday
no pen and ink to put down words
instead a ball point pen of the modern kind
to scribble a note barely able to read
as writing is becoming a lost art
as everyone types, so much easier to do
and if you can’t spell don’t worry about it
the computer will check and corrections make
and your choice of fonts that you can even fake
the writing of old that was done with care
in days gone by when people had time
when they wanted to drop a line.

Old Fashioned Writing

Old Fashioned Writing

Do I miss the good old days
I guess I do in so many ways
when it comes to sending a note
my writing is not that good I’m afraid
for me the computer is a really good thing
as now, people can read what I write
and my words are not held up in the post
as instead they are sent as quick as a flash
by e-mail, the modern way to send notes
and although, no personal touches are there
the printed word is what we share.

As only old folks can remember when
we used to write with an old-fashioned pen
and that’s the way that it should be
as time marches forward to a modern age
and just as it quickly turns the page.
and old people like me have to scramble to learn
and to keep up with youth as its their turn
and life will never again be the same.
and I’m glad to be a part of that game.

Considering the alternatives…