Time to Go…

Just Like it says…

How challenging it is to live in these dark and troubled times
not knowing who to trust or whose words befit the crimes
that many think are out there maybe not yet found
as the guilty ones are quiet not making any sound
maybe only time will tell before things come to light
including to the man who is not giving up the fight
and declaring for all to see that he is still the President
regardless of the people from whom he has no acknowledgment
those are the ones whose legitimate votes cast him in the wilderness
for all of the sins he did commit and others he has yet to confess
for the will of the people say it is time that he must go
and voted him out of office as the official numbers show
regardless of his blabbering and foaming at the mouth
the votes are cast the dye is set it’s time to travel South
to Florida the sunshine State to his own abode
out of White House now whose home will be for Honest Joe
a man who has given his life to serve this Great Country
and now has earned his just reward for his honesty
and integrity things that are rare and often something new
to have in the White House as others will construe
that the Trump era is over and has come to an end
and to this day we will rejoice and welcome a new friend
to those of you on the other side it’s really not your fault
knowing that you needed a change and in Donald Trump you sought
to find the man to answer your call which was make belief
as he was really not that man instead he was a thief
who stole your mind and then your vote in the hope you would believe
and right up to the very end he continued to deceive
and now you have that chance to help make things right
to make the Country great again and help turn on the light
and join with me to welcome a new era in the making
as the people have spoke and Joe is the bloke to help in this achieving.

Welcome to 2021

Written 01/03/2021

6 thoughts on “Time to Go…

  1. It looks like we are one senator away from taking control, and things are looking very good. If we can just get past this foolishness in the Senate. I do think that Cruz, Hawley and Johnson need forever to be known as the “Coup Plotters” as recommended by Thomas Friedman because turning over the vote of millions of Americas is a coup.

  2. Well, I said that before the idiots marched on the Capitol prompted by the Seditionist-in-Chief. Someone needs to begin the 25th Amendment procedures except those sycophants are afraid to do it.

  3. Amen to this. And what a dark day today was. Our country cyber attacked by Russia, besieged by covid, and our president and his minions decide it is a good time to launch a insurrection and prevent the counting of Electoral votes. What will he/they do in the next 14 days?

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