New Year?

Mother Nature

I wonder what this New Year
will bring to us in the way of cheer
or will the Covid thing still survive
and if even if we are still alive
to celebrate that we will continue to face
the hazzard’s of living as the human race
on a planet that we slowly defile
polluting the air and all the while
pretending we are the superior race
and it is others that can be replaced
it is not too late for us to change
but I am afraid that our frame
of mind will not let it go
as it is we have to show
that we are in fact the superior race
although that reasoning flies in the face
as Nature in fact is the way to go
as she puts on a far better show
and year after year reawakened to please
with plants and animals, birds and trees
and to bring forth an abundance of green
the likes of which is only seen
as we look around at this glorious planet
that Nature provides as she began it
and is now looking to protect her own
for her wisdom and might that she has shown
that she was here long before
Man came knocking on the door
and when Man has long ago gone
Mother Earth will still carry on

Happy New Year 2021…

Written 12/13/2020

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