Just Wondering…

Life is like a bridge…

I was sitting here with thoughts to spare
just wondering how much to share
with others who might feel as I do
who like me may have no clue
on what it is or how we should be
to change the way and set us free
but alas there’s little time left
until along comes Mr. Death
reaching out to take our soul
and life back to his dirty black hole
leaving us but an empty shell
no beating heart and no farewell
as death can come in many ways
and add to that another new phase
as Covid 19 strikes the land
taking many with it to turn to sand
leaving those of us that are left behind
worrying about our state of mind
and if we will be next on the list
or will we be spared with others to assist
helping get through these troubled times
waiting until the Covid declines
and things can return to normality
and we reappear for others to see
that it was not our turn on Death’s list
at least for a while is our wish
goodness knows that life is too short
without extra challenges of which we know nought
enough of this morbidity
I am alive and happy to see
that the sun is shining and it’s a great day
I think that I should go out and play
along with the dogs whose worries are small
food, love and playtime accounts for it all
sometimes I wish that I was a dog
with a human that loves me and thinks I’m a god
and the best thing that happened to him or to her
and pats my head and grooms my fur
and tells me what a good boy without fail
and takes me for walks out on the trail
but then I come back to normality
and look around at what I see
happy that I am alive
and the sun is shining and I survived
at least I can say up to today
and hopefully it will stay this way
but one of these days my number will fall
and I will regret as I answer the call…

Written 12/10/2020

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