Poems and People

I was looking back at the blogs that I wrote
reading the comments that people have spoke
about the words that are on the page
that they have taken the time to engage
maybe its because the people are kind
as all of them have been very inclined
to take the time and in so many ways
have praised the words that are on the page
there are probably others as yet unknown
who to them the poetry like a toenail ingrown
does not make sense or they are not inclined
to like poetry of any kind
and each to their own for it is an art
of which not all of the people are part
as poetry to some does not make sense
and I have to say in their defence
even though I write the stuff
others words are not enough
to make me like everything that I read
and in fact there are times indeed
when I wonder just what is their point
why do their words seem so disjoint
and then I realize that it is me
for I am just not able to see
the beauty of their written word
that they have taken the time and structured
which to them satisfies their mind
even if it is of a different kind
to the words that I choose to write
each to their own as that is their right.

Written 12/07/2020

6 thoughts on “Poems and People

  1. I’m wondering when you first started writing poetry. Did you do that as a child or just after you retired when you had more time?

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