Working on the RV-Part two

The new desk.

This post is the follow up to the original post entitled, Working on the RV that I wrote a few days ago and as the picture shows, I finally managed to complete the assembly of the desk. I am very pleased with the final result and know that it will be a great addition to not only the working area but also the storage area with the drawers especially the file hangers. This will give me a place to keep all of my important documents in some sort of an orderly fashion. Maybe, just maybe, I might even be able to find some special document that I happen to need, in the future.

Assembling the desk took much longer than I had anticipated for several different reasons. First and probably the most frustrating was that the authors of the instruction booklet left quite a bit out under the mistaken assumption that whoever was following them, knew the difference between the parts and which screws to use and so on. Even though, a lot was covered a lot more was not and it added to several hours of frustrating do-overs on my part. In the end, my own years of training and experience saw me through. One other problem that I should mention is that the RV was not designed for construction and does not have sufficient bright lighting to see what I was doing. Even though I brought in some auxiliary lights to lighten things up, I still had problems with screws heads and screwdrivers lining up although to be fair, a lot of that is also due to the current eye problem that I am having.

The picture shows the desk off to one side and I am currently looking for another narrow cabinet or bookshelf that will fit into the space and so far, with not much luck but I will keep looking. The area is rather narrow at 17 inches. If I am unable to locate anything, then I probably will center the desk. Hate to waste the space as both storage and space are a premium in an RV. Another problem that I need to solve is how to keep the drawers closed as we travel the roads. That along with anchoring the desk to the floor and wall to keep everything place, things you don’t have to worry about in a regular house. The same problems will also apply to the laptop and printer as I probably will not be able to just leave them on the desk as one would in a regular home office without some sort of anchoring system. The laptop and can put in a drawer but even though the printer is small, it too will take up travelling space somewhere.

I am pleased with the way the desk turned out and deciding to do this was a good thing on my part even though it was so frustrating at times. I already have my rolling office chair that I use in the house which will also need to be anchored in some way as we move down the highways in the future. I can’t wait….
Now, what else can I tear apart?

Written 12/07/2020

6 thoughts on “Working on the RV-Part two

  1. OK, my two cents… I would center the desk no matter what. Maybe you can find some skinny storage things for either side.

    You can buy hooks to secure the drawers that people used to childproof cabinets. That might work to keep the drawers from opening while you’re careening around the state.

    • From an aesthetic point of view, you are right on centering the desk but from the practical side, storage space is a premium and I don’t think that I will find anything that is only 8 inches wide and that would be practical. Besides, I have already bought another cabinet to put in that space although I still have to assemble it…

  2. There certainly are a lot of extra details to consider when installing furniture in an RV…and the same probably goes for just about everything in an RV. I’m excited to see how everything will turn out, though.

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