Where I Want to Be…

The open road.

I know where I would rather be
if given the opportunity
for I would travel far and wide
in this country as I reside
in an RV travelling the land
with my pet puppies close at hand
going where we want to go
not driven by time but making it slow
down from how it normally flies
sleeping out under starry skies
time not a worry as it passes by
as we have nowhere to be and no reason why
we need to rush from place to place
with maybe a campground as our nightly space
if not share the land which sometimes is free
boondocking and dry camping that charges no fee
seeing many of Natures mysterious places
as she puts on her many faces
meeting new friends along the way
others who also like to play
at travelling the land and the Great Outdoors
all with one purpose that is to explore
the beauties that Mother Nature has placed
within our grasp for us to embrace
as we drive the roads both far and wide
exploring the land and the countryside.

Written 10/09/2020

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