Waiting Around.

Nature at its best

I seem to be in a constant state of waiting around these days. Waiting for the weather to cool down a little more so that I can get outside and complete the yard work that I want to do. Waiting for this damn virus to go into remission so that life can get back to some form of normality. Waiting for the elections so that we can lose Donald Trump forever except to read about him as the law finally catches up to he and his families shady doings. And finally, Waiting for my new RV to come in so that the dogs and I can start taking trips and camping out again.

While I am doing all of this waiting, I am sitting around at home looking for things to do. As I have already stated, it is still too hot to get outdoors for very long at least by my standards. Long gone are the days when I didn’t have a choice and had to brave whatever the weather was on any given day. The biggest sacrifice that I make nowadays is to take the dogs walking as late in the evenings as possible. Even then, sometimes it is still hot resulting in me having to change clothes when I get back home as I tend to perspire a lot. We try to cover at least two miles and depending on how I feel, sometimes more. I have no idea what the dogs think of the extra distance but they never seem to complain although they do slow down a bit when we get closer to home on the way back. On the shorter return trips, they are like a horse on its way back to the stable and generally are pulling and leading the way. For those of you that are not aware, horses seem to know when they are on the return trip heading for home and are generally much more compliant.

I think that it is going to be a long wait before the Corona virus goes away due a lot to the utter stupidity of so many of the supposed adults out there with their constant need for companionship and getting together in close proximity. These mostly young people may think of themselves as invincible but they are only thinking of their own immediate needs instead the needs of so many especially the older generation. It is going to be a long haul if these and others don’t get serious about social distancing and wearing face masks.

As far as the elections go, we can only hope that the populace as a whole will come to its senses and do the right thing by voting for Joe Biden. It’s not that I think Biden is the best possible candidate mainly due to his age and that he is suspected of having some memory problems as we all do as we grow older. He is by far and away the better candidate and is the man to get us through these difficult times for this country.

Finally, we get to the new RV that I am so patiently waiting to be delivered. Not that I have much of a choice or have any say in the matter. I simply have got to be patient even though we are missing out on the best Fall sights and views of this beautiful country. Notice I use we as I am including the dogs who appeared to enjoy themselves the last time we went camping which seems so long ago even though it was only a couple of months. One of the reasons for my impatience is that in reality, the new RV will decide the course that we will take. If things pan out well, then it will be our home for the foreseeable future as we travel this great country. If not, then the status will remain as it is now. Depending on the delay in receiving the unit, we may not be able to finalizing our plans until next year as travelling anywhere North will soon be a bad idea. I lived in New York State for ten years and have had more than my fill of winters. The matters are made worse especially if towing an RV in any form of bad weather with icy roads and deep snow coming to mind. It’s not like we have a deadline other than the one I am creating in my mind. By nature, humans are an impatient bunch and sad to say, I am no different.

Written 10/07/2020

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  1. There are lots of places to go during the winter that have lovely weather; you don’t need to go up north. There’s even lots to do in Texas so you don’t have to go far —-maybe that Lost Maples area and up toward Nacogdoches.

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