A Very Interesting Day

A sign of days gone by.

Today I had an interesting day
although it didn’t start off that way
I got up around the usual time
having rested well no mountains to climb
in my dreams as they must have been slow
as usually I run with no place to go
but rested mind and a body refreshed
got me ready for the day and hoping no test
will come along my way today
and that working hard will be my play
some of it will be spent outside
where there I have no place to hide
looking after the ponds and work to do
are high on the list or they will accrue
taking time and having to spend
catching up because I did not tend
to the problem when it first arose
and who then do you blame do you suppose
well me of course as there is just me
and no one else that I can see
not unless the dogs can fit the bill
they are not much help as they like to chill
especially when it is time for work
something they have learned to shirk
and they never ever will displace
all the work that I do around the place
I finished the work as I usually do
they just looked at me without a clue
of all that I had accomplished today
without their help and wanting to play
or to take a walk up and down the street
saying hello to the neighbors that we meet
the same ones that we usually do
whose names I don’t know and haven’t a clue
but we always say hi to be good friends
on opposite sides to make amends
for the virus that is coursing like a flag unfurled
and social distancing is the way of the world
we will go home and sit around
and fix a meal and act housebound
and as I am the only man in the house
I feed the dogs before they can grouse
and then we will all watch TV
but only I have that ability
to make things happen in our house
for they are my company without a spouse
and I am happy that things are this way
for the dogs have very little to say
and accept whatever it is that we do
for they truly love me through and through
I wonder what tomorrow will bring
I will settle for most anything
as it is without much to say
it’s a funny old world from day to day…

Written 9/26/2020

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