Looking to the Future.

I went to the place to look and see
how many blogs are left for me
that have not yet posted to the world
not shared with others as yet unfurled
and found that to my instant dismay
only four remained to this day
meaning that I better start to write
or soon I’ll be in a terrible plight
not having anything to share
with all of my readers that are out there
things have quieted down a lot
because it was so bloody hot
and walking was not a part of the game
leaving me not in a frame
of mind to do what I like to do
which is to hit the trails and walk a few
miles sometimes along with my friend
who stays with me until the end
both chattering as we transcend
walking along the trail to expend
all of the energy that we have got
and as old as we are it’s not a lot
but enough to cover a mile or two
with every step counted we accrue
a sizeable number when added together
makes us glad that we braved the weather
I need to get outside to work
something that I have had to shirk
for who wants outside to be
when the temperature is one hundred and three
that is when you have a choice
and for many they have no voice
as they have to work to earn their pay
something they do from day to day
and if working outside is their lot
even though it is too damn hot
then I think myself a lucky man
for I have a choice and I can plan
when outside in the heat I must be
which I make as infrequently
and only do the things that can’t wait
as I sit inside and contemplate
just how lucky it is for me
retired and healthy for all to see
and not having to work outside
those days are long gone and now I abide
at home with my dogs content with my lot
as I sit here and think of those years shot
spent wasting my life troubled or not
as I plan for the last chapter to unfold
taking a step that many think is bold
travelling around in an RV
so the rest of the country I can see
although a little old I may be
but at least in my mind, I’ll be free.

Written 9/24/2020

8 thoughts on “Looking to the Future.

  1. Oh, man!! That was really great! It is almost time for us to get out and walk again, and I admit that I feel a bit like a slug. True, I am doing a lot of gardening, but my dilemma is that I cannot plant the things I want to plant because the deer will eat them!

    There is no travel in my future so I’ll just continue to putz around in the yard.

    • Yes, I was just thinking that it is time to walk again without dogs, that is. We are still walking every evening usually due to Sandy’s insistence that we “get out there Dad”

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