Good Intentions

A Miracle of Nature

Today I was full of good intent
as outside to the garden I went
with a view to trimming a bunch of plants
cutting back where Nature has grown so fast
on the way out I bumped my head
on one of the feeders hung there instead
of doing what I had planned
I changed course to tackle the project at hand
which now was to fill the feeders instead
just because I bumped my head
luckily I had bought the feed
and brought it out knowing the need
to fill the feeders to attract the birds
that give me pleasure as they come in herds
which is probably not the right word
as birds come in flocks which is absurd
for if a flock of them were to stay
I would have to move away
as not enough seed could I provide
and they would spill it both far and wide
making an incredible mess
and noisy to boot and I must confess
that it would be fun just to see
a flock of birds right next to me.

Written 9/27/2020

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