Prompt Me-Please.

My First RV

I knew that I wanted to write something, anything, except that the brain appeared to be in a non functional mood and was not cooperating. After the excitement of the new RV and the couple of trips that I took, you would think that I would have plenty to write about but as I have already written about those trips, I could not think of anything more to say about them.

The truth is that after the last trip and on the way home, I realized that the truck was really working hard to pull the RV along. At times, we were down to third gear on a six speed transmission and the motor was really laboring. We hardly ever got into top gear except downhill. I worried about it all the way home and then worried some more after I got home. That got me thinking of the alternatives and I could only think of two. The first was to buy a more powerful truck that could handle the load but when I started to research them, even a good used one would cost upwards of $40,000. There were cheaper ones of course but they all had significant mileage on them some with 100,000 plus miles. I could not see buying something that used as I needed something reliable, like my own truck.

The other alternative was to return the RV for whatever I could get for it and then purchase a smaller and lighter model RV that my truck could easily haul around. After much thought, I opted for the latter and drove back to my RV dealership to see what I could work out. The salesman that I had used the first time was unavailable and I opted to use a different one by the name of John who kindly agreed to discuss the problem with me and see what we could work out. I knew that it would cost me money as I could not hope to get what I had paid for the RV for one reason, the warranties would all be void as they would have to sell it as a used model. The second reason of course is the fact that it had some superficial damage after I tangled with the tree as I parked it the first day I brought it home.

We sat there and discussed the possibilities and looked at some brochures. John pointed out a couple, one of which he had and he said that he pulled his with his Jeep. We got out on the lot and looked at a couple of smaller RV’s but the truth is they had very few to show me and nothing in the way of used ones. The RV business is at a real boom right now as so many people have discovered the joys of travelling as something they can do even with the Corona virus going around. John showed me one that he really liked and it had all of the things that I was looking for including half the weight of the original one, 4200 pounds versus 10,200 pounds. I opted for that particular model but the problem was that it was already sold and my only hope was for John to order a new one from the manufacturers which would take probably at least 6 weeks to be built and shipped. There was nothing else for it and we agreed that is what we would do.

We returned to the office and out of the damned Texas heat which was at 100 degrees as we toured around and John went ahead with the paperwork, researching what sort of a deal we could work out. We finally agreed on terms and I went back to my truck to make the drive home feeling somewhat satisfied with the afternoons work.

Now, all I have to do is return the original RV back the dealers and then sit and wait until the new one comes on. Damn, missing all of those wonderful camping opportunities but at least it will be cooler when I do get out again. Maybe, I’ll plan a trip to East Texas to see the Maples when they change their colors. Now there’s an idea…

Written 8/13/2020

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