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While I was checking the messages this morning, it occurred to me that there were no reviews about the latest blog. I always post Mondays and Fridays, twice a week mostly because the right material is not always easy to come by. It has been so bloody hot here in Texas that any thought of going for a hike just doesn’t seem like a feasible idea besides being downright dangerous so that takes out one of my most favorite ideas, the hike and then writing about it along with all of the pictures that I take. I also write a lot of poetry and have just completed a couple which I scheduled to post later on in the month.

The truth of the matter is that I overlooked today’s date when I was scheduling the posts that I had written and somehow missed out on posting today. I have done that before but have managed to catch it in time and made the corrections. This time, I didn’t.

As you can imagine what with the 100 degree heat here in Texas plus the Covid-19 restrictions, most outdoor activities are very restricted, They usually consist of only the bare necessities like going to the grocery store every 5-6 days and in my case Lowes or Home Depot when I had to get some pipe fitting to change out a pump. Other than that, most of us that are able to stay indoors and somewhat quarantined do just that. My only other exception to that is the evening walks that Sandy, my little girl dog and boss of the house, takes us on. Mikey, my little male dog and I go along mainly just to keep an eye on her as for us, we can take it or leave it. Of course that is not really true as we all enjoy the exercise even though the temperature is still around 95 degrees. By leaving it late, the sun is below the tree line and we are at least walking in shadow and not in direct sun but we still have to contend with the heat from the pavement underfoot. The dogs walk mostly on the grass so their little feet are OK.

Life under Covid is more than a little strange. Here in Texas, most everybody wears a mask while in a crowd and practices social distancing at least in the couple of stores that I visit. I know this is not true throughout the State as there are some who have different ideas on the matter. Personally, I think it is a small price to pay for yours or someone else’s safety. Besides you can be a long time dead.

Life is sorta on hold as we work through this pandemic. We go through the routines of every day living all the time planning for the future when things hopefully will return to somewhat normal, whatever your version of normal may be. Stay safe out there.


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