Self Isolation…

I would rather be hiking…

The days are getting long in these times of need
with the virus raging around us keeping us apart
afraid of contact and not mixing with our friends
passing each other in the street but much too afraid to meet
conversations from a distance and through a mask at that
voices muffled by the cloth and hard to understand
fear of contagion even the slightest chance
keeping us apart and so we play it smart
we are all at risk the experts say
the young and old and in between
and the only way to beat this disease
is to self isolate on an island everyone agrees
but as this is not a practical way
our homes are our island for all intents
most of us are glad to stay
home with our families or with our pets
and when this outbreak is finally licked
and it is safe to come out and play
we will look back at this time in our lives
having lived for yet another day.

Written 6/26/2020

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