A World Gone Mad?

Nature at her very best

I fear the world has gone quite mad
making me feel so very sad
remembering the way it used to be
although we have never been truly free
there have always been wars of different kinds
between nations and countries all looking to find
a way to take the others land
and enslave the people by their command
other countries then join the fight
knowing that if they add their might
they can end a bloody war
so things can return to the way before
but people still have many concerns
even if normality returns
because what caused the problem remains
and people look for someone to blame
to change the system to a different way
so whoever is hurt can have their say
not every fight ends in a war
sometimes returning just as before
other times talking can help the cause
with both sides ready to take a pause
and work things out in a friendly way
by letting each other have their say
it matters not the color of the skin
for fighting a war is a mortal sin
people die or get hurt and suffer the pain
sometimes never to be well again
we should all be equal and not be ignored
except when our natural abilities afford
to get ahead by working hard
enjoy the fruits of our effort and not be marred
by those who are jealous about our success
doing everything they can to put us under duress
this world we live in is a funny old place
with mankind trying to end the race
it’s as though we decided that it is time
and the life we thought of as so sublime
is now coming down around our ears
filling us all with terrible fears
we may be looking to proclaim
it is time for man to accept the blame
that he is not worthy of this place
as are none of us in the human race
as we do not know how to get along
or live with Nature and that is wrong
and when the last of us departs
Nature remains with all of her smarts
and she will not mourn that we are gone
but instead will sing her loudest song
as the last of us returns to dust
just as she always knew we must.

Written 6/24/2020

4 thoughts on “A World Gone Mad?

  1. Wow. One can only hope that we realize before it is too late that change must come. We have to care about the earth and must take care of it before all is lost.

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