Things That Happen as We Grow Old.

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One of the beauties of growing old or in my case older, are that some of the things that we took for granted when we were younger do not necessarily apply with age.

Like for example, I watch a lot of movies on the television usually of the older variety prior to hitting the sack and as a particular movie progresses, I get a feeling that I may have seen it before as odd bits and pieces seem very familiar. It really doesn’t matter that much as I reason to myself that as I cannot remember much about watching the movie and have no idea how the movie finishes, I might as well continue to watch it. So I watch it through to the end probably making the exact same comments as I did before, the first time around. Only when it is finished do I say something like, “Well that was a waste of time” or occasionally, “Boy, what a great movie, how come I don’t remember watching it before”.

I am very much a creature of habit going to bed and getting up around the same time most days. I eat a lot of the same sort of food and usually topped off by a yogurt or a very small ice cream, I have a Starbucks habit that is pretty expensive on a monthly basis and usually purchased at the same store between the hours of 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Now, my dogs have learned from me especially, Sandy, the little girl dog who goes absolutely nuts, running around the house when she thinks it is about that time and barking her fool head off until we hit the trail on our everyday walk. Mikey, not so much but he goes along with it. Sandy barks at any other dogs we might meet on the way and if we happen to run into out little Dachshund friend while we are walking, lunges and pulls trying to get at him screaming at the top of her lungs as is the other guy. Mikey, on the other hand, it trying desperately hard to jump into my arms away from the fracas. I, at least, always hope that we don’t meet this other little dog if only not having to protect my chicken little, Mikey.

The worst thing is to run into someone either out walking or in the Supermarket and we stop to chat, and in this day and age, maintaining out correct distance from each other. After a usually brief conversation where neither of us used the other’s name, we said our goodbyes both walking off thinking, “I wonder where I know him from and what the heck is his name”. The conversation might have meant a lot more if either of us had remembered who the other person was or why we didn’t even ask. Why is it that we can never remember names from fairly recent connections like the past few years and yet I can remember the names of all of the kids that lived on my street when I was ten years old over seventy years ago?

Or I might be walking around the garden admiring the ponds and I come across something that although not urgent, does require some attention. So, my mind goes something like this.
Me, “Hey that needs fixing, better get right on it”.
My Inner Half.” Lets think about it for a bit. No need to rush right in”.
Me, “But look at it, it really does need some work”.
My Inner Half is thinking about the work involved and just how hot it is out here and it’s not an emergency and says, “Nah, Let’s leave it for another day maybe when it is cooler in say 3 months”.

BTW, I have a very busy fall lined up with all of the projects that I have managed to put off.
And so it goes…

Written 6/15/2020

6 thoughts on “Things That Happen as We Grow Old.

  1. In three months you’ll be out and about with your trailer so you’re not going to get those projects done then either!

  2. Frank, good to hear that you are keeping well during these trying times. Stay safe and stay strong.

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