A Silly Rhyme.

I’m running out of things to do
and running out of things to write
for the past few days I have spent indoors
the weather being the cause of my plight
it has been cold and wet during those days
with temperatures close to freezing at night
and not getting much warmer in any way
enough to keep me indoors out of sight
my poetical genius is sorely stressed
with trying to find things to write
and getting those words into a rhyme
is proving much harder more like a fight
I really should go and work out
as exercise could make things alright
give the muscles a stretch and blood to the brain
and tone up the body and make everything tight
my mind is not really in the mood
to push the body and so despite
the fact that I am gaining weight
my mind cannot act so forthright
instead I will think of other things
to try to keep the body tight
and I need to end this silly rhyme
much to everyone’s delight.

Written 2/10/2019

4 thoughts on “A Silly Rhyme.

  1. It was funny! Now what are you going to do tomorrow? It shouldn’t be cold so I plan to clean my streams and toss in barley pellets.

    Do Cathy and her husband are going to buy the skimmer? That’s good. The pond she had now is really pretty although I’ve only seen photos of it. Their property is surrounded on three sides by a wildlife refuge And she can see African oryx from her windows.



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