A Silly Rhyme.

I’m running out of things to do
and running out of things to write
for the past few days I have spent indoors
the weather being the cause of my plight
it has been cold and wet during those days
with temperatures close to freezing at night
and not getting much warmer in any way
enough to keep me indoors out of sight
my poetical genius is sorely stressed
with trying to find things to write
and getting those words into a rhyme
is proving much harder more like a fight
I really should go and work out
as exercise could make things alright
give the muscles a stretch and blood to the brain
and tone up the body and make everything tight
my mind is not really in the mood
to push the body and so despite
the fact that I am gaining weight
my mind cannot act so forthright
instead I will think of other things
to try to keep the body tight
and I need to end this silly rhyme
much to everyone’s delight.

Written 2/10/2019

Winter ?

Snow in Austin in 2011

Sitting here looking out at the view
wondering what I can do
as the skies are grey and the temperature cold
as winter tries to keep its hold
from sixty five degrees two days ago
this morning we have had some snow
albeit just the faintest of traces
not like some of the other places
where it is measured by the foot
anything less and the point is moot
with the temperature around thirty six degrees
enough to freeze the skin off my knees
and make me put on longer pants
or maybe just to take a chance
the temperature inside of the house
is seventy five and as warm as a mouse
so I think that inside is where I will stay
as outside I do not need today.

Written 2/8/2019

The Weather Today


Today has turned cloudy and the skies are grey
maybe there is rain coming our way
so far this has been a wonderful Fall
not wet and cold no not at all
the days have been warm and the sun bright
and even the temperatures at night
are cooler by far than a month ago
but not cold enough for us to have snow
the leaves have all turned a wondrous hue
browns and yellows and even a few
that have turned red as Nature runs her course
as she has been doing since time evermore
we know that this weather cannot last
and soon we will be feeling the blast
of cold arctic air sweeping down from the North
as the cold fronts blow through for all they are worth
luckily for us they are but a few
and in between Nature will start to renew
getting ready for Spring not far behind
as it mixes with Winter the two intertwined
in little more than a month or at most maybe two
the sun will warm up and give us a clue
that once more Mother Nature is doing her thing
as the plants start to grow and the birds start to sing
and crocus and daffodils will push through the ground
new leaves on the trees which has found
and Winter has gone and Spring brings new cheer
not to return for a whole nother year
the summers are hot but the winters are short
much better than living somewhere up North
where Winter lasts six months of the year
and Spring, Summer and Fall hardly appear.

Written 12/5/2017

A Poem About Mother Nature.


The days are growing shorter little by little
as the long arm of winter reaches out
and there is a chill in the air first thing in the morning and at night
and the leaves are falling to the ground in an absolute blizzard
not with the tingling of wet snow
but the gentle touch of Mother Nature’s dieing materials
the sun still shines but is not as warm as it was
and the shadows are longer with the sun lower on the horizon
now when I hike, I will need a jacket to ward of the chill in the air
soon, there will be frosts on the plants and the flowers that remain
as Mother Nature’s icy winter fingers
put them to sleep to lay dormant for the winter
rebuilding and renewing getting ready for a new life
and when the time is right
to burst out into the light of day
in her wisdom this renewable cycle cannot be rushed and takes time
time which Nature has in abundance
and which we mere mortals have in limited supply
as she smiles secretly to herself
knowing that she will always have the last word.


Written 11/20/2017




Cold Weather


Sitting inside in the warm
looking out of the window
as the sun is shining bright
but it is cold, very cold.

Watching the dog move around
as he tries to find a spot
in the sun to warm his bones
so he can sleep.

Aware of the birds
who are squabbling on the feeders
along with a squirrel
who steals the sunflower seeds.

Even a pair of rats
from under the small stream close by
braving the hazards of daylight
are picking over the dropped seeds.


The other small dog rushes out
and barks at the squirrel
who chatters back at the dog
and then jumps into the tree.

The rats disappear into the rocks
to the safety of their nest
away from the dog
who is not much bigger than themselves.

Even though the sun is shining
it is too cold to stay outside
so I view the world
through my window.

This is Texas
and tomorrow
when the sun shines
it will be warm.

I Hate the Cold Weather…


Well, the weather has finally decided to do what the weather should have done as it has for thousands of years here in my part of Texas and has finally cooled down. When I say cooled down, I am talking of it dropping all the way to 32 degrees. Actually, it must be 33 degrees as we didn’t get any frost. The Fall has been so mild with higher temperatures than normal for the time of year and I was wondering when the  first frost would hit. There I was waiting with great expectations hoping that I would be able to see my garden again. Well it didn’t happen at least this time around although many of the plants have lost their leaves at least creating some gaps in the garden jungle and adding to the clean up that will be facing me pretty soon.

I got in the car to go to the stores dressed in my usual attire of shorts, tee shirt and jacket and immediately went back in the house to put on jeans and a flannel shirt over the tee. It was freezing, not literally of course but bloody cold. Last year, I think I only put on long pants a couple of times preferring to wear shorts but I guess as I grow older, I am feeling the cold a lot more. Anyhow, I was not too proud or stubborn to change and was glad that I did as the wind had a bite to it. The car has heated seats and I cranked them up until it got so hot I had to turn them down again. Same with the thermostat as in the end, it got too hot for me.

Happy to say that I survived the short drive to the Post Office and Supermarket and couldn’t wait to get back home to my warm house. I hate the cold weather and pictures of snow do absolutely nothing for me. I lived in New York State for ten years and the coldest I have ever been was on the ski slopes with the wind chill at minus 52 degrees. It was so cold I walked back down the hill to the lodge carrying my ski’s. Oh yeah, I got frostbite on my face even wearing a face mask.  Another reason to hate the very cold weather.

At least it won’t be for long as it starts to warm up here in mid February. Come on Spring…

Meanderings of an old man

Ginny the new girlSitting here and feeling blue
not sure what I want to do
outside it’s cold, too cold for me
to work outside, or drive a nail
or take a walk on a nice long trail
even the two remaining dogs
are stretched out on the bed like logs
as they sleep the sleep only dogs can do
with one eye open just in case
I should make a move to leave this place
and step outside where it is cold
which they will brave just for a while
until they lose interest and it gets old
to be outside, out in the cold.
I got up early on this morn
unable to sleep as I usually do
haunted by the the memories of
the death of yet another dog
the second in these last six months
leaving me with two to love
and lavish attention upon them both
as they help my grief to transcend
at losing  two of my furry friends.
we will survive, we always do
we will move on and it won’t be long
before just memories those dogs will beDSC_5468-2as we go about our daily tasks
living the life we have always led
gardening and hiking and taking walks
this time with the dogs by my side
as two I can handle and it will be grand
taking walks together, paw in hand.