The Future of Our Planet

No more beauty.

Life goes on is what I have found
as the world keeps spinning around and around
regardless of the people there
each one a life with others to care
about what happens to each of their scenes
as the picture unfolds on the big screen
that no one watches from within
and to destroy the planet is such a big sin
until that final resting day
when Mother Nature has her say
our lives are so very very short
the blink of an eye I have to report
and yet important enough to care
in that time that we spend there
we are just ants busy scurrying around
feeling important for what we have found
thinking the world revolves around us
and if it doesn’t we make a fuss
and yet in the grand scheme of things
we are just living out our dreams
of what it is we would like to be
maybe famous and go down in history
or better yet have wealth untold
or be someone important the truth to behold
and yet the bottom line is this
we ill treat our Planet and are more than amiss
and Nature is saying that this must change
we must do better and not be the same
for the world will end if human desire
to save the Planet doesn’t catch fire
as it will die and just be spinning in space
a very cold and dark empty place
and the humans will no longer be
with no one left to make history
and that is not the worst of the fear
as along with the humans all life disappears
no more birds or animals to inhabit the planet
as all wildlife is gone with no one to save it
for if man cannot save himself
what care he for others and not share his wealth
on things that he has of little use
even when things were just abused
as man is the cruelest of them all
and deserves his fate of being no more.

Written 10/24/2019

4 thoughts on “The Future of Our Planet

  1. Very sad but, I’m afraid, also very true. All of the warning signs are there and unfortunately our government is paying no attention. The people who could make a difference are only interested in more money and power. In the blink of an eye as you point out they will all be gone and what future are they leaving to their children?

    • It never fails to amaze me just how some members of this human race who have the power and authority to make the changes that we need are so short sighted that to them making money and all that goes with it is more important. What good is all of that wealth if you are not around to spend it?

  2. Nice one, Frank! Nothing like an optimistic outlook to get you going on a Monday morning! I am just kidding – you are 100% right and I hope that the USA uses the 2020 election to show that we are not all as myopic as our current “leaders”.

    • Unfortunately, there are many among us who support those with the myopic views. Maybe this is all a part of some giant universal wide plot
      to end this planet. Some force much larger and stronger than us mere mortals posted on their bulletin board, Planet #123 (Planet Earth, is due for extinction by the year of 2050). HG Wells anyone?

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