Old Friends


I ran into a old friend the other day
in the SuperMarket as we shopped
both bachelors so shopping was not hard
as we were both set in our ways.

Neither of us could remember the others name
as we had not seen each other in a while
so we awkwardly re-introduced ourselves
and laughed as we commented about our slow brains.

The conversation turned to soccer
as that is where we first met
playing on the same old man’s team
pretending to be young again like no other.

We had a good laugh as we shared a joke
and shook hands as we went on our way
knowing better than to say, let’s get together
of that there was no hope.

We had not  bothered to stay in touch
and our mutual interest was long gone
as age had taken its toll
and the game no longer held us in its clutch.

I resumed my walk around the store
thinking about the years gone by
of the games we played and the people we met
and wished there had been much more.

Alas time has dealt us a terrible blow
weak in body and mind as the years pass by
and all of the friends we used to know
not even a memory left to show.

Written 9/26/2017

18 thoughts on “Old Friends

    • In reality, so many “Friends” are really passing acquaintances depending on what their association is, like a soccer team or Pond Society. There are not too many real friends, those you have known forever and stay in touch with.

  1. I think if he’d been a real friend you would have stayed in touch, but he was an acquaintance with whom you had just a little in common. Once the commonality ends, we go on with our lives.

    Have you talked to your friend lately who was contemplating a move back to the states?

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  2. Yesterday, when i walked with my dad down a path 1.5 kms long on his 87th birthday i could see his foot steps had slowed down and now this poem I could very well relate to. With time everthing slowly fades away…

  3. Oh did this post hit home. I so can relate to these words sadly to say. Life has a way of its own sometimes and those we have known have been left behind. Beautifully penned and thank you!

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