Raining Cats and Dogs.

cats and dogs

I took another drive today
this one to the  store along the way
as I was running out of food
which my fridge did not include.

It was raining cats and dogs
which I have never understood
how did that saying come about
as there were no animals underfoot.

I hurried quickly into the store
as the rain came down just like before
I grabbed a cart and walked inside
to get the few things my list described.

I quickly bought the very few things
and spent more time at the Higi screen
trying to see if I was alive
as my blood pressure and pulse did provide.

Satisfied that I was not dead
to the checkouts I quickly went
paid my fee and grabbed my cart
back to the car ready to depart.

It was still raining those same cats and dogs
as back to my house without further loss
of time as I needed to get home
with my groceries no more to roam.

I got back home to my cats and dogs
they were not raining I am at a loss
they were perfectly dry no sign of rain
and pleased to see me back home again.



9 thoughts on “Raining Cats and Dogs.

  1. The first time I came across this quip was some time back in the 1950s when it was used in one of my favorite cartoons. “Big George” came in from the rain with water dripping all over the floor and made the following statement, “it’s raining cats and dogs out there; I just stepped in a poodle!” Those old cartoons ran in the Saturday Evening post as well as the Sunday comics for many, many years. Thought you might enjoy this link as well…

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