President Gaga

Some very clever writing about you know who…


  • As President, Donald Trump
  • Seems like Humpty Dumpty
  • When the Hump thumped
  • A causality always causingcasualties
  • One Trump with multiplyingpersonalities
  • But he’s Mr. Good Cause
  • Sounds more like characters
  • From The Wizard of Oz
  • As Tin Man, he’s hardto understand
  • Frigid emotions warm this businessman
  • He’s so-so business smart
  • He just doesn’t seem to have a heart
  • But he’ll tweet his twittering mind
  • With anyone he has an ax to grind
  • Ah but as president Good Cause
  • He’s another persona from Oz
  • He doesn’t misspeak, just lying
  • When challenged, becomes the Cowardly Lion
  • Standing brave behindgenerals
  • Flag waving, patriotic among his sentinels
  • Soberly, bombastically bullying
  • Behind the scenes pulling strings
  • His attitude is tough
  • His gesturing, rough
  • But his excuses, never enough
  • As another persona from Oz
  • Mr. Chief Executive Santa Clause
  • There is little he doesn’tknow
  • The election made him Einstein, the Scarecrow
  • You…

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6 thoughts on “President Gaga

  1. I really like the word play here but there was a recent photo on the news with “Gaga” standing or posing behind two who fit this scenario better than the target mentioned here. Of course I am referring to Clinton and Obama….


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