What is Wrong with the World?

DSC_5100What is wrong with this modern world? It is a question that everyone should be asking themselves.

The news we read or listen to every day is always about something horrible that has happened somewhere or to someone in this country or across the World. I understand that to make things newsworthy require some sort of sensationalism but it is very sad that so much of it relates to violence in one form or another that man is inflicting on each other. It is not just this country but many that are having this problem.

For better or worse, we are in an age of instant notification. If something happens that someone, somewhere deems as newsworthy, whatever it may be, it is broadcast around the world in an instant and becomes common knowledge to anybody that cares to read or listen to it. So, the question arises, “Was the world always like this and we just didn’t learn about it prior to the Internet and other forms of information sharing?” Because of the instant notification, is it creating a copycat instinct in people’s mind to be bigger and badder than the person they just read about?

When I was growing in England 70 years ago, life was so simple. There were no TV’s or computers. We didn’t even have a phone and our only form of contact with the world was by radio and the BBC. We would be glued to it listening to the news about the ongoing World War 11 and in the early years, wondering if jerry would cross the Channel and attack us. When the war ended, it took a long while before TV was introduced and with it came the first changes to a quiet way of living which would never ever again, be the same.

I came to America when I was 32 years old for the betterment of my family and myself mainly because I was given the opportunity. In the early years, life was quiet and reminiscent of the English way of life with an American twist to it and although there were personal setbacks along the way, I adopted this country as my own and became a citizen. Now, as time goes by, I am becoming increasingly aware that things are changing. Sure, I am an old man now and not much longer for this world but what I see going on around me makes me so very sad.

Parents no longer take or have the time to teach their kids about simple things like common decency and good manners and being polite and not so demanding. It is an uphill battle as the kids are bombarded from all sides with information both good and bad and they are forever to be found with their noses glued to their cell phones. I was in the doctor’s office the other day and these two kids came in probably around 16-17 years old. The girl had a recently broken nose which still included two black eyes and a huge plaster strip over it. They saw the doctor and came out with the girl leading the way. At the door leading out of the office, the girl opened the door and held it open to let the guy go out first. My immediate reaction was incredulity that she, the injured one would open the door for him and he never made any move to get to the door first or to offer her any help. Where were his manners or his concerns. Has he never been taught what manners are? I guess the bigger question may be that do the younger sexes consider themselves to be equal and things like good manners or treating the female sex in a special way are no longer important.

I see families walking around the Supermarket and the kids that are in their teens have their noses glued to their phones. There is no conversation within the family unless one of the parents asks one of the kids to get something and immediately following that, the noses are back into the phones. It makes you wonder what sort of a family life do people have nowadays.

Which brings me back to where I started. It appears that violence is on an increase and everything can become a lethal weapon. It is no longer just a gun or a knife although these are usually the weapons of choice but now the automobile joins the list of murder tools. What is really frightening is the lack of moral character that these individuals that commit these murders display. Whether the problem is drugs or alcohol or just a plain ole chip on the shoulder, this country and the world in general are becoming less and less safe.

Do I have a solution? I wish I could say that I did but I don’t. Sometimes there is a lot to be said for the good old days when life was so simple, comparatively speaking. Modern gadgets are supposed to help us and make life better and from many points, they have with the advances in medicine and man’s trip to the moon bringing with it modern technology. I guess there is a price to pay for all of this advancement and it is showing up in all of the violence. People are empowered like never before and when they feel like it, take the law into their own hands and only after do they realize the consequences.

Too bad as this country has so much potential but the quality of leadership is declining and along with it, the American Dream and the American Way of Life. If I was a religious man I should say, “God help us all” about now but I doubt that even he can do much to help a world that is turning on itself. Or maybe, that is a part of His plan given the way we treat the world. Maybe, we are reaping the rewards for all of our efforts to destroy the world through Global Warming. Are we being manipulated?

12 thoughts on “What is Wrong with the World?

  1. An interesting post! You make many good points with which I agree. Like you, I came over from England to the US and I remember the good old days with no TV or phone. Were we better off not knowing what was going on? It was certainly less stressful. The trouble today is that so much of the information we’re receiving can’t necessarily be trusted to be the truth especially on social media like Facebook. Just where do we look to find the truth? It beats me!

    • I fear that it is a problem that will only straighten itself out when we learn to live with modern technology and only use it when necessary. Hopefully, sooner rather than later or we may self destruct. Thanks for your response.

  2. -Are we being manipulated?- I did not expect your question at the end. It took me by surprise after my reading. You seem like a thinking man with something to say. I expected a conclusion. But no. Further interrogative. Quite impressive. Many don’t go that far.

    • Over the years, I have become very cynical that God ever had a plan. I just don’t understand it’s direction or why human and animal suffering are a part of it. If humans are the chosen ones, someone forgot to tell some of them or maybe, like me, they too are cynical…

  3. You wrote: “Parents no longer take or have the time to teach their kids about simple things like common decency and good manners and being polite and not so demanding.”

    And I agree. I think that this is the base of many (not all) of the problems of which you noted.

    • It shows a lack of discipline in the homes resulting in more and more young adults believing they are above the law in the real world. Everyone should know right from wrong. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I agreed to everything you said. All I can bring forward here is that “OLD SCHOOL UPBRINGING” have disappeared, it has slipped away like rain on the leaf! Not this actual world, it is not easy to even find ladies and gentlemen.

    • I agree it should start in the home where kids get their first schooling and are taught right and wrong and things like good manners and help your neighbors. We have already reached the age where today’s parents are the early products of the lack of teaching such things. They have nothing to hand down to their kids because they do not know how or what.

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