A Funny Old World, but not in an amusing way…


We live in a funny old world except it is not an amusing place to be.

Our world is populated by man and beast and Nature and the three have been trying to cohabit for millions of years or at least, as long as man had walked on two feet. Prior to that, man and beast were pretty much equal and between them Mother Nature was able to hold her own.

Move along a few thousand years and man is now fully capable of not only walking upright but also has the ability to think. Once that happens, then the earth no longer lives in harmony. Man hunts beast and beast hunts Man and so Man dreams up bigger and better ways to hunt the beast. Man has not yet endangered the Earth but is thinking up ways to do so.

Another thousand years and Man has now learned not only how to hunt the beast to the point of extinction but has also raped the trees and forests to where it has started to affect our way of life. Man in his ever ongoing role to “modernize” the world and his all consuming greed and selfishness, is poisoning the atmosphere and the Earth is warming up.

Move along a couple of hundred years and many of the beasts are extinct caused by man and his incessant greed and the atmosphere is continuing to be poisoned by mans ignorance and failure to recognize the dangers. Man is now blaming man for the problems that both of them created. War is imminent.

A hundred more years, and most of the birds and animals are gone, victims of man’s greed and ignorance. Man’s numbers are also in decline due to the hotter temperatures and the unclean air, shortage of food and water, the rising sea levels and fighting with each other. Man is no longer in harmony with Mother Nature, the remaining animals and the fellow man.

A hundred years later, there is no man who, along with the animals and all things living including the plants and trees, has perished in the problems of man’s own making. The Earth is nothing but a barren planet too hot to live on and an atmosphere that is unbreathable, just like Mars.

Farewell Man and Beast and Mother Nature, Farewell Earth. It’s too late now…

17 thoughts on “A Funny Old World, but not in an amusing way…

  1. I believe that men is the being who started to hunt beasts and nature, even in thinking that nature are stronger than men, did they care? Nature is a living thing, they have been watching men destroy their habitats for many a decades, and since then, with all the natural disasters that have unfold our days, have men ever had a minute to realise that nature has taken its toll upon us for all the devastation men themselves had done to them. At this time upon us we should see that natures has become an angry beast against men, real true! All the natural disasters that are happening in the world, nature is sending a call to men, have men ever wondered or even tried to respond the call of nature? Even in praying modern men shows the lack of sentiments and inner credence. Truthfully, men are fighting against men, but nature is happy and living in harmony and tranquility. One day men will leave but nature will stay!

    • Well said. I hope that you are right in saying that Nature will survive hopefully along with any remaining animals and plants. It is no real loss if man is extinct. Man had his chance and blew it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. A very well written (certainly) argument on behalf of caring and nature loving human beings…Excellent piece of reading …I am going to keep this!!! Best regards…

  3. Gee, that is so sad and depressing. We can only hope that this can be turned around in time. We need leaders who are wise…that makes it even more depressing.



  4. Yes… in the Koi pond of life, man will likely be going belly up. With the current U.S. administration, things look bleaker than ever. I will continue to belong to the Sierra Club, to go green, and to send emails to government officials. I wish everyone would do the same; then maybe things would change. I’m so glad that we decided not to have kids.

    • I feel so sad and so helpless that there are so many individuals whose only concern is either contradictory or is governed by the almighty dollar. Just how much money does anyone need anyway especially at the expense of the future of this world. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Yes, I agree that many of us share this sentiment (but you don’t hear about it due to the din of politics and advertisements). What I disagree with is that though our demise is coming, the earth will live on. Sure, we’ll take many of Her species with us when we go, but our time — anthropocene — with all its fossil fuel exploitation will be but a blip on Her life’s timeline.

    Funny (to use the word) that we are due for another ice age, but our current warming ‘help’ might just put that whole thing off for a while! Is that a good thing or a bad one? Only time will tell.

    Also, I often wonder if another evolved being will find the thin layer of plastics and remains that was once our home, and wonder what the heck THAT was about! Enjoyed your insight, fallcorn1936 (don’t know your name). Glad you shared on my post. 😀

  6. I share your concern. I don’t think we’ll kill everything off forever, though. It’s interesting to me that mankind sees itself as separate from nature. How surprised we’ll be when we discover that by killing nature, we’re killing ourselves. When we’re decimated, nature will continue without us, different, but she’ll find balance again.

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