Another Gloomy Day


Another dull and gloomy day
too wet to go out and play
or to work in the yard or on the ponds
and finish the work that is taking too long.

Instead I sit inside and write
wielding the pen with all of my might
although I am not really using a pen
but something much more modern instead.

My computer now has become my sword
with it I can print out the word
and people can read what I write
much clearer than the pen and its might.

The words carry the same intent
regardless of the methods invent
as the computer is a writing device
and the words it prints are more concise.

Lucky for me they came along
for without it my pen would have no song
as clearly my writing no one can read
and my messages would be lost indeed.

So on my computer I scribble away
as fast as two fingers can make the play
and Spell Checker checks the words are correct
in case my fingers disconnect.

Actually, what can I say
I really like to write this way
and although my typing is not fast
the words I write I hope will last.

People can read and understand
the words I have written are not bland
and carry a message a story or two
be it truth or fiction, I haven’t a clue.

12 thoughts on “Another Gloomy Day

  1. wonderful words from you. hopefully Spring will be blooming, since here in London the weather is getting a bit warmer and tomorrow I start my jogging on a daily basis – twice a day. You take care. love the picture!

  2. Living in tropical Singapore, I stay inside and write when I get the opposite problem – namely, when the weather’s far too hot! And I have to agree, that’s a lovely picture at the top of the post 🙂

    • I do that here in Texas in the summer when we get the 100 degree days. Luckily, last year we only had 3-4 of them. A couple of years before was almost 3 months straight of them. I can stand the heat better than cold. My old bones just can’t take cold anymore…

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