I Hate the Cold Weather…


Well, the weather has finally decided to do what the weather should have done as it has for thousands of years here in my part of Texas and has finally cooled down. When I say cooled down, I am talking of it dropping all the way to 32 degrees. Actually, it must be 33 degrees as we didn’t get any frost. The Fall has been so mild with higher temperatures than normal for the time of year and I was wondering when the  first frost would hit. There I was waiting with great expectations hoping that I would be able to see my garden again. Well it didn’t happen at least this time around although many of the plants have lost their leaves at least creating some gaps in the garden jungle and adding to the clean up that will be facing me pretty soon.

I got in the car to go to the stores dressed in my usual attire of shorts, tee shirt and jacket and immediately went back in the house to put on jeans and a flannel shirt over the tee. It was freezing, not literally of course but bloody cold. Last year, I think I only put on long pants a couple of times preferring to wear shorts but I guess as I grow older, I am feeling the cold a lot more. Anyhow, I was not too proud or stubborn to change and was glad that I did as the wind had a bite to it. The car has heated seats and I cranked them up until it got so hot I had to turn them down again. Same with the thermostat as in the end, it got too hot for me.

Happy to say that I survived the short drive to the Post Office and Supermarket and couldn’t wait to get back home to my warm house. I hate the cold weather and pictures of snow do absolutely nothing for me. I lived in New York State for ten years and the coldest I have ever been was on the ski slopes with the wind chill at minus 52 degrees. It was so cold I walked back down the hill to the lodge carrying my ski’s. Oh yeah, I got frostbite on my face even wearing a face mask.  Another reason to hate the very cold weather.

At least it won’t be for long as it starts to warm up here in mid February. Come on Spring…

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