My 81st Birthday…


As many of you know, I celebrated my 81st birthday on January 20th. By itself, there is nothing earth shattering about that except many people are surprised that I am still very much alive but no longer kicking as I gave up playing soccer at the ripe young age of 72.

Nowadays, my main form of exercise is to take long hikes as often as I can and when the weather is compatible for being outside. In between, I work on the 5 ponds that are in my backyard.

A lot of people offered congratulations and asked me to have a great and enjoyable day. Last year for my 8oth birthday, members of the women’s soccer team that I coached for many years, threw me a big party which was a lot of fun. This year, my celebrations consisted of buying a cheesecake in my local HEB store and gobbling down half of it at one sitting. I figured I would save the other half for the next day and therefore carry over my birthday celebration to an extra day. In my defence, I compensated yesterday by taking a 6 mile hike at Reimer’s Ranch.

By an odd quirk of fate, my birthday falls on the same day that the American Presidents are sworn into office. Yesterday was no exception and I had the dubious honor of having a birthday on a day when this Nation swore in a man of very questionable character to be the 45th President. I swear to all of you reading this that I had absolutely nothing to do with it and it is just sheer coincidence as I never voted for him.

Now that the birthday celebrations have settled down, it’s time to get back to work. If this past year is anything to go by, as fast as time is passing, I’ll be celebrating my 82nd in about 6 months time…

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  1. Happy 81!! Stumbled across you on another blog, gave a look and decided to follow you as I see you have reciprocated. Glad to meet you and look forward to the sharing of our different thoughts.

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