It’s Amazing what you can find…

DSC_2954I took another drive again off the beaten tracks just to see what may be out there worth taking pictures of. The fact that I was listening to Stephen King’s, The Dark Tower also was a major factor that I was out and about. I came across an wrought iron gateway that was of a copper metal cowboy pulling his horse. Absolutely magnificent work.

I was out in the middle of nowhere on a road that was marked, “No Outlet” which I normally wouldn’t take. For whatever reason, I decided to try this one and was well rewarded. The first thing I saw as I turned a corner, was the magnificent view that spread out in front of me. A panoramic vision of the Texas countryside. I immediately stopped to take pictures and I could see for so far that the views in the distance were lost in the shimmering heat of the day.

As I drove down the road, I had another surprise as apparently, I had come across an Exotic Animal Ranch with Zebras, Elk and Antelope in full view.

On the way back,  I crossed over a small stream and took a couple of pictures and as I left the hill country, got a couple of great views of a pond set among the trees.

The Texas countryside is amazing and can vary in just a few miles. Especially now with everything so green after the very rainy Spring that we have just had.

As with all of the picture collections, if you click on any one in the block, it will make it larger and then you can move pictures by using the side arrows. Use the “Escape” key to get back to normal.




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