A Walk with BJ

DSC_2905I went for a walk with one of my Pond Society friends who, as it happens, lives in Bastrop.We had discussed it before that the next time I was going to walk at McKinney Roughs, she wanted me to give her a call as she wanted to join me and both get exercise and also get a look at McKinney.

I arrived first as we had planned on meeting at the main Office which is the middle of the three trailheads. The first thing I saw as I got out of the car were a couple of Road Runners. I don’t know if they were a pair but they were in no hurry to leave so I was able to get a couple of shots of them. When BJ pulled up, we first took a look at the two ponds that they have next to the dorm’s. Then we took the Ridge Trail which was one I had not yet hiked, until it met with Valley View. Both of these trails are good walking. I noticed that BJ slowed her walk to match my snail’s pace as she quite obviously is used to striding it out and those days are long gone for me.

From there we took Riverside and then returned via Bobcat Ridge which brought us back to where we had started. There are still a lot of flowers and the trees are in full foliage, In some places are the tell tale signs of flood damage. We even saw a rabbit which of course, was long gone before I could take a picture and there were a lot of birds although it is the usual  case of hearing and not seeing them.  The weather is beginning to warm up and I worked up a pretty good sweat. We had the trails all to ourselves as we didn’t meet any other hikers but it was a Friday.

Altogether, we covered a little over 4 miles as we compared notes. Her on the app on her Iphone and me with the pedometer that I carry all of the time. Our steps were fairly close in number and were only off by a couple of hundred. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I think BJ enjoyed it too. Thanks BJ.

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