Thinking of Things to Write

Cypress Creek in Wimberley

I sat here looking at a blank screen
thinking of something clever to write
my head it seemed was in a dream
and no words could I muster with any might
I thought of what had happened that day
and in previous days before this plight
but nothing jumped out at me to say
write about me this seems right
it is not that I haven’t found things do
as I very recently took a hike
out at Bastrop my most favorite place
and have written the words and they will be in plain sight
very shortly in a couple of days
posted to my blog for all to see
for me that hike is a memory
and the words are written as I put them down
I also spent time in Wimberley
taking pictures of this pretty town
nestled in the Hill Country
as picturesque as it can be
with Cypress trees as tall as the sky
reaching up and many centuries old
growing in the tumbling creek
that runs through the town like its very soul
but wait it seems I have something to say
even though it didn’t start this way
but now the mind is suddenly numb
and my thinking voice has gone quite dumb
so maybe my chain of thought is through
and I have nothing left to do
but end this sorry little tale
and try again when my thoughts prevail.

Written 4/25/2019

Dripping Springs Farmers Market 5-2-18

It was a Wednesday and I happened to find myself back in the Dripping Springs area primarily to visit the Tractor Supply Company where I purchase my fish food. I only ever buy one 28 lb bag at a time which lasts me a little less than two weeks and even though it would make sense to buy at least two bags, I really like the drive and the visit to this picturesque old town located at the foot of the Texas Hill Country. It helps even more now that the town has gone all modern on me with the addition of a Starbucks which I find a reason to visit. One of my most favorite things is to drive out in the countryside in my new Ford F-150, listening to an Audiobook and with a Starbucks Latte within arms reach.

I had not chosen the day, Wednesday, on purpose and it was really by chance that it happened to be the day of the Farmers Market. I don’t usually stop in to visit but on this day, I decided that I could really use one of the pastries that one of the vendors sells. So, I dragged out my camera and took a few shots of the vendors and the musician who was entertaining a small child and his Mother before stopping to purchase an Empanada. There was a long list to choose from and I eventually settled on a Mole Beef. I willingly paid the vendor his $5:00 and took my morsel of goodness back to my truck and sat for a while as I improved on my Audiobook and Starbucks Latte with the addition of the Empanada which, by the way, was absolutely delicious. I almost went back for another and then common sense stepped in and told me that spending $5:00 on one pie was OK but to spend $10:00 on two, as good as they were, would be more than a little extravagant and would spoil the moment.

I left the Market and headed home more than a little content. Funny how the small things in life really begin to mean something as we grow older and how much easier we are to be satisfied with tiny moments of pleasure.

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I wrote about this market a little over a year ago and the need for an Empanada was the reason for this repeat.


Another Drive 8-19-2017


With the weather as hot as it is here in Central Texas, I often drive around in my air conditioned car, usually out in the countryside, listening to Audiobooks.  I have probably put half of the 50,000 miles on the car doing just this. I like to explore the back roads and lanes off the beaten track and it is amazing the things I have come across. Mostly, I am out to find great pictures to post in my blog or to find yet another story but a part of me is on the lookout for that perfect 10 acres way out in the back of beyond as I still harbor thoughts of that little cabin in the woods. To be truthful, I am not sure what I would do if on one of these drives, I came across such an area that was cheap enough to be affordable to my limited resources. Would I take the plunge and spend my remaining years building a cabin and all that goes along with it or is that just pie in the sky and the dreams of an old man, not smart enough to realize how old he really is? In my case, the mind and spirit are very willing but sadly, the flesh is weak and I would probably kill myself with all of that work. At least I would die happy and be out in the countryside.

Yesterday was no exception as I chose to drive around in the Dripping Springs area on the west side of town. I found a couple of roads that I had not been on before and it is really surprising how often I come across collections of homesteads seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Some may be a collection of trailers, others are small houses with an acre of land and usually surrounded by broken down old cars denoting the status of the occupants who are probably honest hard working individuals trying to make a living. There are even larger houses of two or three thousand square feet set on several acres of land with manicured front lawns and large wrought iron gateways. the splendour of which is designed to outdo the neighbor the next estate over. There are all types to see when you get off the beaten track.

As I drove around, I found myself suddenly faced with this beautiful panoramic view as the landscape suddenly dropped off in front of me. I stopped quickly just to admire the view and luckily for me, nothing was coming behind me. I noticed an overlook to my left and pulled into it. Apart from the magnificent view, the first thing I noticed was the collection of beer cans and whisky bottles strewn all over the place. Quite obviously, this is a popular place for the local kids to park and drink beer and  probably make out with their girlfriends.  I could not help wondered how many young girls had drunk their first beers as they entered this grown up world then had lost their virginity to the young men’s advances, helped along by the booze. I wonder too, how many future generations have been conceived here.. This is the sort of place that is in all of the horror movies where bad things happen. Luckily for me, it was 4:00 pm in the afternoon and broad daylight so I felt pretty safe. Even so, it did conjure up some memories of some of the movies I had seen as I looked nervously around.

I got the camera out and was blown away with the incredible view in front of me. I could see for miles and miles as the landscape dropped away. Even facing the sun, I was still able to take some good shots. The panorama at the top is made up of four different pictures and pretty much shows the entire vista. The blue skies and scattering of clouds really brought color to the scene. The other pictures below are individual views of what was in front of me although, they don’t really do it justice. I didn’t have my wide angled or telescopic lense with me which would really have enhanced the shots.

Ah, the hidden beauty of Texas…


It’s Amazing what you can find…

DSC_2954I took another drive again off the beaten tracks just to see what may be out there worth taking pictures of. The fact that I was listening to Stephen King’s, The Dark Tower also was a major factor that I was out and about. I came across an wrought iron gateway that was of a copper metal cowboy pulling his horse. Absolutely magnificent work.

I was out in the middle of nowhere on a road that was marked, “No Outlet” which I normally wouldn’t take. For whatever reason, I decided to try this one and was well rewarded. The first thing I saw as I turned a corner, was the magnificent view that spread out in front of me. A panoramic vision of the Texas countryside. I immediately stopped to take pictures and I could see for so far that the views in the distance were lost in the shimmering heat of the day.

As I drove down the road, I had another surprise as apparently, I had come across an Exotic Animal Ranch with Zebras, Elk and Antelope in full view.

On the way back,  I crossed over a small stream and took a couple of pictures and as I left the hill country, got a couple of great views of a pond set among the trees.

The Texas countryside is amazing and can vary in just a few miles. Especially now with everything so green after the very rainy Spring that we have just had.

As with all of the picture collections, if you click on any one in the block, it will make it larger and then you can move pictures by using the side arrows. Use the “Escape” key to get back to normal.




The Beauty that is Texas

Sunrise in the Texas Hill Country

Sunrise in the Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits)

The sun is shining, what a beautiful day
the rain filled clouds have gone away
but not before they left us with
rain on the parched soil of the plains
that my city sits on before the hills
rise to the south and to the west
for my city sits at the very base
of the Texas Hill Country.

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Houstonian)

Travel South for seventy miles
and San Antonio fills the skies
a city with  history of battles fought
and won and lost with Alamo pride.

Travel West along Route 10
to Fredericksburg another place
famous for peaches that succulent fruit
and not far from there is Kerrville town
with a music festival of world renown.

By now deep into the Hill Country
with vision obscured by hills and trees
rise to the top and see for miles
and then to the valley far below

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Smalloy)

For Texas is a land of change
a place so vast that it takes days
to drive from side and to the end
of countryside with flowers in bloom
or cactus and scrub to fill the view
of sights that change with every turn
oh what beauty we discern
out the window as we drive by
to the place where the land meets the sky.

English: Texas Hill Country, on Route 187 head...

Texas Hill Country just north of Garner State Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Austin Pond Society February Meeting – 2-18-2013

APS Logo

APS Logo

The Austin Pond Society held its second meeting of the year on February 18th  at the usual place at Zilker Gardens Clubhouse.

As usual, we were treated to a wonderful spread of Pulled pork sliders and other delights. Everything always tastes so good it requires so much effort to not totally pig out or at the very least, go back at least a couple of times for refills.

The meeting opened with the various Chairs giving reports of the activity they had  through the past month. This was followed by Steve from the Hill Country Gardens talking to us about pond preparation for the upcoming Spring. He especially emphasized the need to clean out the ponds of all accumulated leaves and debris or there is a good chance that come the warmer weather, the muck in the bottom of the ponds will start to give off ammonia which is definitely not good for the fish.

He also talked about potting lilies and lotus plants and went into some detail on how to do it. Steve took time to answer a whole bunch of questions on various subjects including string algae. He gave several recommendations on how to treat it.

For everyone’s information, The Hill Country Gardens will be holding its Annual Plant sale March 16 starting at 9:00 am. This will be followed on April 27 with the Lilly Blossom Festival which is always a lot of fun.

The next meeting will be held at the same place, Zilker Gardens on March 18. St Patrick’s Day is Sunday, March 17 so the theme for the food will be Irish, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Green Salad, Irish Soda Bread and Irish Cake. Sounds absolutely DELICIOUS. The speaker for the evening will be Erin Cord, Park Ranger with Wildlife Austin and her theme will be, “How to turn your garden into a wildlife habitat“.

FYI, the clocks change on March 10. Remember “Spring forward – Fall back” and you can’t go wrong.

March 30th is the APS membership drive. Jeanne is still looking for volunteers to man the tables and solicit volunteers at a couple of different pond supply houses around town.

Watch the video of the entire presentation for the evening. The first is the Austin Pond Society meeting.

The second is the talk by Steve of Hill Country Gardens.

Apologies for the quality of the video. That guy behind the camera needs a lot of work…