Thinking of Things to Write

Cypress Creek in Wimberley

I sat here looking at a blank screen
thinking of something clever to write
my head it seemed was in a dream
and no words could I muster with any might
I thought of what had happened that day
and in previous days before this plight
but nothing jumped out at me to say
write about me this seems right
it is not that I haven’t found things do
as I very recently took a hike
out at Bastrop my most favorite place
and have written the words and they will be in plain sight
very shortly in a couple of days
posted to my blog for all to see
for me that hike is a memory
and the words are written as I put them down
I also spent time in Wimberley
taking pictures of this pretty town
nestled in the Hill Country
as picturesque as it can be
with Cypress trees as tall as the sky
reaching up and many centuries old
growing in the tumbling creek
that runs through the town like its very soul
but wait it seems I have something to say
even though it didn’t start this way
but now the mind is suddenly numb
and my thinking voice has gone quite dumb
so maybe my chain of thought is through
and I have nothing left to do
but end this sorry little tale
and try again when my thoughts prevail.

Written 4/25/2019

5 thoughts on “Thinking of Things to Write

  1. Haha, I love how you started off by mentioning how you had nothing to say, and then you found plenty to write about anyway. On a more serious note, it does get tiring to keep thinking of new blog content sometimes.

    • Yes, I can understand why some people just post a small picture and that is it. It takes a lot of time and work to use videos and slideshows. Most of my blogs that contain that sort of material take at least a couple of days and maybe more just to assemble everything.

      • Yes, making videos involves a lot of work. Some of my written posts are intense too, especially the one’s that involve research. It can take months for me to gather sources and write the posts, since I can only work on this blog in my spare time.

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