Thoughts on a Rainy Day

DSC_1319Living in Texas, anytime we get rain, it is welcomed with open arms. More than a day or two of overcast skies and we yearn to see the sun again.
Such are the intricacies of the Texas mind.

We never had any winter this year. It barely got cold enough to wear a jacket let alone a heavy coat.

The plants are already full grown as there was no frost to knock them down. Good for not having major clean-up and bad because the new growth is restricted and it will require twice the work to cut everything back.

The fish came out of their hibernation early this year because the water warmed up much sooner than is normal. It was fun to see them active and feeding time produced its usual spectacular results.

I was able to start the pond renovation much sooner than I would have expected because of the mild weather. Does that mean that we will have a lot of 100 degree days this coming Summer forgoing Spring and moving directly into Summer?

My birthday seemed to come around much sooner this year. Are the years getting shorter?

Is global warming for real or was this Winter just an oddity?

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