Thinking About Life… (1)

Thinking back on recent events and those not quite so recent, I can’t help but wonder just where we really are in the world today. Here in America where the almighty dollar dictates just about everything, we are sort of divided into three groups. The have plenty’s, the just plain haves and of course the have not’s. Even these groups are broken down smaller with the rich, the very rich and the filthy rich and the upper middle class, middle class and the lower middle class that are not far from becoming among the have not’s. Finally, the have not’s can be also broken down into those barely getting by, those that need help to get by and finally the very poor and starving.

This is America, the land of opportunity. I am one of the lucky ones that I was given the chance to sail across the pond to share in the promises of a better, richer life and for me personally, it worked out OK. This entire country was built on immigration and you would be hard fetched to find anybody that doesn’t have blood from around the world running in their veins. The only true Americans are the American Indians and look how they were treated.

Most people just want to raise their families and lead an honest life working at whatever their skills are related to. Very few have bad intentions and have no desire to harm the hand that feeds them but this single aspect of how the world is shaping up is making it very difficult for some people to accept “foreigners” especially if they are outwardly different in some way or worse yet, have different religious beliefs or pray to a different God.

I am a modern thinking man. I very much like computers and all that this modern age has brought to us but at the same time, life is rushing by so fast that I wish we could step back for a bit and smell the roses. We need to remember who we are and where we came from, generations ago. This land is big enough for all of us and we need to remember our roots and learn to be a little more tolerant of each other.

I am not very religious but I really believe that none of us has the God given right to judge one another regardless of how often we go to church or how much time we spend on our knees. Whether we realize it or not, we are slowly ruining our world with our own self importance and lack of tolerance and understanding. And of course, the almighty dollar.

No wonder the rest of the World hates us and all it has to do is to wait long enough and we will be the masters of our own downfall.

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