Meanderings of an old man

Ginny the new girlSitting here and feeling blue
not sure what I want to do
outside it’s cold, too cold for me
to work outside, or drive a nail
or take a walk on a nice long trail
even the two remaining dogs
are stretched out on the bed like logs
as they sleep the sleep only dogs can do
with one eye open just in case
I should make a move to leave this place
and step outside where it is cold
which they will brave just for a while
until they lose interest and it gets old
to be outside, out in the cold.
I got up early on this morn
unable to sleep as I usually do
haunted by the the memories of
the death of yet another dog
the second in these last six months
leaving me with two to love
and lavish attention upon them both
as they help my grief to transcend
at losing  two of my furry friends.
we will survive, we always do
we will move on and it won’t be long
before just memories those dogs will beDSC_5468-2as we go about our daily tasks
living the life we have always led
gardening and hiking and taking walks
this time with the dogs by my side
as two I can handle and it will be grand
taking walks together, paw in hand.


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