Grey skies and cooler days

Rainy Day

Rainy Day in Texas

I did not go out today
the weather was cold and the skies were grey
I stayed inside and found things to do
writing and reading and blogging too.

Alas, the summer is long gone
and the weather is cooler now
not cold like in other climes
but even so not one I like.

Warm blooded creatures us Texans be
which is very plain to see
as we light the fires and turn up the heat
and put on the clothes the warmth to keep.

No more shorts and sleeveless shirts
no more swimming in the creek
as temperatures begin to drop
our outside activities will slowly stop.

After a week or two of this
we will say, “Stop acting like a wuss
put on long pants to keep your legs warm
and a jacket or sweater to conform”.

So we dress up in different attire
and go about our business in the usual way
we still go outside to do our thing
and act as though it is early Spring

I do not like it when the weather is cold
and yearn for the long summer days
and even though Texas summers are hot
the heat I can stand and like it a lot.

One thing is always very clear
that the weather in Texas doesn’t last for long
they have a saying which may sound strange
“Just wait a while and the weather will change”.



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