Austin Pond Society – July Meeting 2014

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AUSTIN POND SOCIETY – July 2014 Meeting

The Austin Pond Society held their monthly meeting this past Monday, July 21 at the Zilker Botanical Gardens Meeting Room.

With the passing of our Chef, Sonja O’Sullivan, we had to compromise on the dinner with Pizza and a salad. Deserts were contributed by the members and consisted of a choice of cookies and small baked cakes. In truth, as I hadn’t eaten Pizza in a while, it was for me, a refreshing change.

We had a scheduled speaker who unfortunately backed out at the last-minute and although our Programs Director, Barb Lenhardt tried to find another speaker, it was very difficult at such short notice. We ended up viewing a movie called Keyhole Garden which turned out to be a very long-winded description on how to build a sort of a raised planting area using all kinds of stuff like paper and cloth and such and not much soil. It could have been made in half of the time and still got the message across. Still, hats off to Barb for being inventive and coming up with this at the last moment.

Even though I did film it, I can’t show it because of copy writes.


More Members

There were several new members and it was good to see them. Hope they return and it is not just a case of Post Pond Tour enthusiasm… All in all, I counted a little over fifty members at the meeting.

We had a little business and Jeannie pushed through it quickly. She  asked for and got a nomination from the floor for a new Hospitality Director. The new person is Laura Creaser. Welcome aboard Laura. Get cooking…

Some of the members

Some of the members

We are still looking for a Special Events Director just in case anyone is interested.

The actual meeting was all through by 7:45 pm and due to some technical problems with the sound, the video ended up as the last thing to be shown. Several die-hard’s remained behind to watch it and hopefully may have gained some knowledge on how to build a Keyhole Garden.

The next meeting is on August 18 starting at the usual time of 6:30pm. Be watching your e-mail for the newsletter and information about the speaker for the evening.

Below are two video’s. The first is of the meeting and the second is a slide show of the few photographs that I took. Music to the slideshow is a piece called Into the Dream from Sphere by Erik Wøllo.

 2014 APS July Meeting slideshow from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

2014 July Meeting Video from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

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