Writing Mood, Poetry or Prose.

Wonders of the mind

Wonders of the mind

After weeks of working on other things
videos and such with a different theme
I finally finished that piece of work
and can return to my roots and to my art.
Photographs and images are wonderful things
to capture the moment and make time stand still
it is a different view that the artist finds
looking through the lens the picture to define.

When I look at things through a writers eyes
my mind is the camera the picture to align
the words come to me and as fast as I can
I write them down before they decline.
sometimes they come to me in verse
and as a poem they appear on the page
whether they have meaning and a story tell
I don’t know if I’m doing it well.

How successful will be this poem of mine
do the words actually rhyme
is there a story to go with this verse
or is it just a jumbled up mess.
I guess regardless how others see
whether they hear the words I write
I write for myself and not for them
these words, these poems are mine to lend.

It seems poetry is the nicest way
for me to write the words I see
and although short pieces of prose I do
there is something inside of me
that wants to put everything in verse
and I do not know which is worse
bad poetry not written at all well
or bad prose with no story to tell.

I guess dear reader you must decide
for you are ones that I hope reads this stuff
regardless of how you may find
I will continue to write as it comes to my mind.

“Thanks for reading my blog”





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